Starfield players urge devs to copy popular Fallout 4 feature in new DLC

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Starfield players still disappointed with the game’s Outposts are hoping that the DLC will emulate a popular Fallout 4 mechanic.

Starfield players are still being dazzled by Bethesda’s sprawling galaxy months after its release. Explorers with more than 800 hours in the game are still stumbling across new discoveries.

A recent patch and a new one in beta on Steam have breathed some more life into the game. There is one element of the gameplay that has been an issue for fans since launch however but players are hoping for some improvements.

Reddit user u/RealityJumpStudios posed the question ‘Should Bethesda bring back the settlement system in Fallout 4 to Starfield?’. The answer was a resounding yes with players hopeful that the Shattered Space DLC would see some changes.

The primary concern for players is what they consider a lackluster Outpost system. Popular sentiment is that bringing this more in line with Fallout 4’s Settlement would be the best way to improve it.

“The fact that Fallout 4 Settlements are miles better than Starfield’s sums up my answer, yes, yes, definitely yes,” said one player emphatically. “I can only hope that DLC will add in more Outpost building features,” replied another.

Some players have said that comparing Starfield’s Outpost to Fallout 4’s settlements drastically impacted their enjoyment of the game. “The outpost building was like 70% of my entire hype for the game,” one user admitted. “I was totally let down and will probably never break 80 hours because of it.”

The real desire from Starfield’s many spacers seems to be an improved version of Fallout 4’s Settlement mechanics rather than “the same system from nine years ago”. However, having a dedicated home base to worry about may dim some of the more explorative elements of the game.

starfield outpost base building
It would be nice to have more reasons to farm resources during Starfield’s endgame.

For PC players who are looking for a base-building component more closely aligned with Fallout 4 in Starfield, there is a mod that borrows from it heavily.

Something more official from Bethesda themselves does seem like it would be a welcome change for a majority of players though.

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