Starfield players are begging for vendors to have more Credits

Amoli Bava, a vendor for jeminson Mercantile in Starfield.

Starfield players are frustrated by the lack of Credits each vendor has leading them to question why they are forced to wait 48 hours to restock instead of the merchants just being wealthier.

Vendor limits in Bethesda’s games are nothing new having been a feature of both The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. They restrict how much a vendor can buy in one go before the player is forced to wait for them to restock.

However, previous titles offered ways around this issue. For example, in Skyrim players could invest in Speech to greatly increase the amount of Gold a vendor had. Equally, in Fallout 4 the Cap Collector perk offered a similar function.

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The lack of a comparable option in Starfield has irritated the community which is now demanding changes to how vendors work.

Starfield vendors are poor and it’s making players sad

An upset Starfield player took to Reddit to complain about vendor’s lack of Credits: “There’s no reason for vendors to have so little Credits. This was a hassle in Skyrim and Fallout but even more in Starfield. In Starfield you come across a lot more valuable items that you can’t sell because every vendor is poorer than me.”

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“Ahh, but you can wait 48 hours in a chair. This just proves my point. They can have infinite money as long as I wait 48 in-game hours for them to restock. How about if they had triple the money and I didn’t have to stare at my phone waiting for them to restock,” the post proposed.

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Others were quick to agree with other like-minded players responding: “It’s truly a dumb and arbitrary decision that makes the game tedious,” and “Yea I hate it. It makes me not wanna sell anymore.”

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A different player was confused by the logic behind vendor Credit limits: “In a future where instant space travel is possible, why tf don’t vendors have instant, on-demand money all the time?”

Suggestions were made for how Commerce could be made more useful to fix the problem: “Commerce skill and/or a separate skill really needs to increase vendor Credit supplies by 25% per point or something.”

Although changes could come Starfield players should temper their expectations. The space RPG is not a live service game and therefore big changes to the economy and skills will likely only arrive alongside DLC if at all.

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