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Twitch streamer goes wild after winning $1,400 betting on Smash Ultimate

Published: 5/Aug/2020 18:15

by Michael Gwilliam


Canadian Twitch streamer Paisachu made quite the payday after she won a massive money match in Super Smash Bros Ultimate against one of her mods.

During the August 3 broadcast, moderator Kanyo challenged the streamer to a $1000 best two out of three match, which piqued the streamer’s interest.

“Hmm, for a thousand dollars?” she pondered deeply. “Seven-hundered. Best two out of three for seven-hundred.”

The moderator was quick to agree, simply replying “deal” in the chat.

In the first match, Paisachu made short work of her Cloud Strife adversary making use of Fire Emblem’s Chrom.

“How are you this good? I’ve been playing and practicing every day for like two weeks and you haven’t played for months!” the moderator exclaimed.


While Kanyo did manage to take the win in game two, the final match of the set didn’t go his way, with Paisachu winning after her opponent accidentally jumped off the stage and to his demise on his last stock.

After taking the massive win and the $700 that came with it, Kanyo proposed they play again, this time raising the stakes.

“One more game, double or nothing,” he suggested.

“That’s really hard; I don’t want to lose!” Paisachu laughed as she considered the offer, but ended up deciding to take it.

In the end, the streamer managed to clutch out the win in game that went down to the wire, causing the streamer to laugh hysterically after the hard-fought battle.


Being a man of his world, Kanyo ended up donating $1,400 to the victor along with the message “I hate everything.”

Shocked that he actually paid up, the British Columbian buried her face in her hands in disbelief: “Oh my god!”

Smash Ultimate money matches are fairly common at tournaments and other events, but for a simple game between friends to get so intense with these kind of stakes is very rare.

It will be interesting to see if the two ever play again and if the results will be the same, especially if they end up facing off in person, where there wouldn’t be any lag.