Super Smash Con player’s historic Sora win ruined by confetti blunder

Sam Comrie
An image of Sora and Steve in Super Smash Bros

SuperSmashCon competitor Enrique ‘Maister‘ Hernández Solís stunned viewers as his battle was so brilliant, that it triggered an early celebration at the event.

Super Smash Con has returned for 2022 and has already proved to be a sensational event for Nintendo players. Assembling the best Smash players in the world for an ultimate showdown, Enrique ‘Maister’ Hernández Solís gave viewers a moment to remember on the event’s final day.

Battling against Minecraft’s Steve, Maister’s prowess shocked the production crew as they released celebratory decorations far too early.

Maister makes “history” at Super Smash Con 2022

Facing off against Angel ‘Onin’ Mireles, Maister was desperate to emerge victorious. Attempting to defeat Minecraft’s Steve, which Onin uses as a regular main, Maister landed a devastating knock-out blow with Sora, prompting Maister to encourage the crowd’s reaction.

As the audience roared with cheers, the production crew took that as a sign to release a heap of celebratory confetti, spreading further confusion among the event’s casters: “It wasn’t a surrender at all! What? No! Guys! No, he didn’t…what the? Production! Production!”

“What are you doing!” the confused casters continued.

Maister’s usage of Sora has been included in some intriguing stats, provided by Twitter tracking account @Sora_Stats as he landed the first win of the entire event with the character.

Released into the game in October 2021, Sora was one of the game’s most requested characters for quite some time. While Maister would place 2nd in the overall competition, the Moist Esports representative isn’t exactly happy with his performance at the competition.

Reflecting on his time at Super Smash Con 2022, Maister said: “2nd at Super Smash Con. Really happy to see improvement, but I feel I could’ve won this event, so not satisfied.

“Playing this as a Free Agent is tough, I know there must be an org out there, all I need is a chance,” continued Maister.

However, despite his 2nd place finish, Maister was happy to see Sora get the love he deserves: “Also…SORA FINALLY DID IT LETS GOOOO.”

Either way, Maister walks away from SuperSmashCon 2022 with a hall of fame moment.