Smash Ultimate community shocked by 8-year-old girl’s impressive tournament run

8-year-old girl bubblegum wins games at smash tournamentTwitter/bubblegumsdad/Nintendo

An 8-year-old Smash Ultimate player has impressed the fighting game’s community after showing off her skills at a local tournament.

Joker player ‘Bubblegum’ is making waves in the world of Smash after she and her dad attended ESA KC #33 on Tuesday where she won a handful of games and even a set in Squad Strike.

As you can see from the footage, the young Smash player seems to have a decent grasp on mix-ups, using grabs and even spacing – just look at how she distances herself from Kazuya to nail the F-smash!

Although she seems to have yet to incorporate up special into her repertoire, the Smash community was stunned after learning she won a set off-stream and her deep knowledge of the game.

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Smash players react to Bubblegum’s skills at tournament

Once Bubblegum’s dad posted about her tournament results, the community took notice and began praising both the young Smash player and her father.

“I am BEYOND proud of her. I saw her using the notes with Kirby too,” commented Montreal Smash pro SuperGirlKels. “She looked so happy!”

Her father went on to reveal that the young gamer had been playing for over a year and her skills had come a long way since first being introduced to Ultimate.

News of Bubblegum’s run reached Reddit where more players voiced their support for her.

“She has great timing and her ledge pressure is sick! She hits that grab when she reads a neutral getup so many times,” one remarked.

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While others, including her father, agreed that her Squad Strike opponent was going easy on her, they remained positive that she had her fundamentals down.

“She is very far from mashing, and every action seems to be deliberate and precise. Would be interested in seeing where she ends up in a number of years,” someone else pondered.

We’ll have to see what the future holds for Bubblegum and if she’ll end up being the next FaZe Sparg0 or Acola in a few years from now. Until then, it’s great to see her having so much fun at events.

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