Smash Bros modders pay tribute to Etika with moving character reveal trailer

Etika Mod SmashYouTube: JoyConBoyz

YouTube sensation and Minecraft legend Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah took his own life in 2019, but on the anniversary of his 31st birthday, Smash Bros modders have paid homage to him by adding him to the Nintendo game. 

The tragic tale of Etika continues to send ripples throughout the gaming community. The YouTube star with a taste for Nintendo, took his own life in June 2019 and since then, fans have paid homage to him annually on his birthday.

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Despite constant attempts to have the YouTuber added into Smash Bros titles, pleads have fallen on deaf ears. Nintendo have even come under fire for sending a cease and desist to the creator of the custom ‘Etikon’ JoyCon controllers, even though all profits were going to charity.

Finally, on his 31st birthday, Etika has been added to Smash Bros by modders, and the results will bring a tear to your eye.

EtikaInstagram: Etika
Etika’s memory will live on thanks to this beautiful mod.

Modders add Etika to Smash Bros

Now iconic channel JoyConBoyz (named after the late YouTuber’s favorite phrase) has shown off an amazing new mod that adds Etika into Smash Bros.

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The trailer sees a 3D, animated version of him taking on Steve from Minecraft in a series of epic battles. Throughout the short clip we see him smash the likes of Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo and Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth.

In JoyConBoyz detailed breakdown, we see Etika sporting a JoyConBoyz shirt, alongside his haram pants from the hilarious video that shows him dancing outside Sony and Nintendo HQ. The mod really is a beautiful tribute to the Smash icon.

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Additionally, it comes with custom voice lines that recreate some of his staple moments in-game, and let you blow away your enemies in true Etika style.

For those who want to pay tribute to the late YouTube sensation, the mod is available here and replaces Captain Falcon.

While it may not seem like much, this fun tribute is the perfect way to pay homage to someone so full of character and personality.

We can’t wait to try this out in-game, and we urge you to give it a go to honor the king of all things Nintendo.

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