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Credible Smash Ultimate leaker hints at TWEWY sequel

Published: 29/May/2020 20:44 Updated: 30/May/2020 5:17

by Michael Gwilliam


A Smash Bros Ultimate leaker with a credible history may just dropped a major clue towards the identity of a future DLC fighter, or possibly a new The World Ends With You game.

UPDATE: May 29 at 11:45 PM

Tanmsut has since clarified that he was exclusively referring to a The World Ends With You sequel and not a potential Smash Ultimate DLC fighter.

Original story below…

Forum user Tansut, who posts on both Resetera and Neogaf, was responsible for leaking Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud back during the Smash Wii U days, and that Dragon Quest’s Hero was future DLC.

Now, the leaker seems to have suggested that a future character joining the battle will be from The World Ends With You, though it’s a bit complicated.

In a Smash Ultimate DLC discussion thread on Resetera, a post chain began with user RochHoch writing, “So The World Ends With You seems to be getting…. something before long. All aboard the Neku for Smash train.”

Next, another user, Garrod_Ran chimed in saying, “TWEWY has been getting a whole lot of ‘something’ for years now and it’s always soul-crushing. I just want a proper second game.”

Tansut is either hinting at a TWEWY sequel or new fighter.

After this, Tansut chimed in adding some major fuel to the speculation fire.

“Your soul won’t be crushed eventually,” he wrote, seemingly suggesting that either The World Ends With You will be getting a long-awaited sequel, or that the series will see a future rep in Smash Ultimate.

Some signs did point to the latter though as Tansut linked to an older post of his from October of 2019 saying, “Would the world end with you all if someone were to directly leak something in this thread? It can wait until next year if that’s the case, and it’s not like it only would be relevant to just this console eventually anyway.”

He went on to note that since that post he hasn’t learned anything since, and was “REALLY out of the loop on stuff like when/where we’ll learn about it.”

The World Ends With You is an action RPG by Square Enix released on the DS and later ported to the Switch. The game and art style was inspired by Kingdom Hearts.

With Disney apparently preventing Sora from coming to Smash, TWEWY’s protagonist Neku Sakuraba could be the next best thing as their designs are similar.

There’s still five more DLC fighters after ARMS.

Hopefully we end up getting some news soon, but with all rumors, take this with a grain of salt. At least in this case, however, Tansut has a history of accurate leaks.

The next fighter coming to Smash was announced to be from the ARMS franchise with their full reveal and release planned for sometime in June. It’s definitely possible that the next fighter is announced during that presentation as well.


Smash YouTubers claim Nintendo is copyright striking all videos with mods

Published: 29/Nov/2020 4:42

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Nintendo hasn’t backed down in its war against the Super Smash Bros. community. Now they’ve started issuing takedown notices to some of the game’s most popular modders on YouTube. 

Nintendo has always cracked down hard on its intellectual property. However, they’ve found themselves at odds against the Super Smash Bros. community more so than ever since they shut down The Big House’s online event

It started a movement that has seen professional players and community members rally their fans to fight, protest with charity tournaments, and host exhibition bouts to raise awareness.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped Nintendo from slowing down. If anything, they’ve cracked the whip even harder and turned their sights on Super Smash Bros. modders creating projects for fans on YouTube.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Takedown Mods
Super Ultimate is already incredibly fun, but modders have found ways to make it even better.

The first modder to report he’d been issued a takedown notice was a prominent one named Mastalko.

He created a Goku skin mod, which replaces Terry on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. “Guess my Goku video got ninjaed by Nintendo,” he said.

The screenshot clarifies that his video has been “locked and cannot be monetized” due to a claim from Nintendo.

However, that was only the beginning. Nintendo issued a takedown notice to another popular modder named 64iOS. It revolved around a video he posted on YouTube called ‘12 Super Mario Odyssey Skins in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! (Mods).’

“First time happening to my channel with Smash, I believe,” he said, above a screenshot of the actual takedown notice. Fortunately, it hasn’t impacted his account, but it’s still a move that has angered many fans.

The Super Smash Bros. community understands Nintendo’s takedown requests to an extent.

However, they believe Nintendo’s antics are tone-deaf, especially considering how passionate and widespread the community is.

In the end, they’ve had to find ways to keep the community thriving after all these years with little to no support from Nintendo. So, they believe the company should work with them rather than against them.