Collision 2023: Smash Ultimate & Melee tournaments, schedule, stream, Steve ban, more

Collision smash tournament logoCollision

The next big Super Smash Bros event is almost here with Collision 2023 bringing in many of the top players in the world and a shot to qualify for the final Smash Summit on the line.

FaZe Sparg0 will be looking to defend his title as the 2022 Collision winner against new free agents MkLeo, Sonix and Tweek, but there are other Ultimate threats wanting to secure the W for themselves.

Moist Light, Team Liquid Riddles, and Karmine Corp’s Kurama round out the impressive seeding for Ultimate, making this one of the most stacked events in a while.

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On the Melee side, Zain, aMSa, Cody Schwab, and Hungrybox are competing for the crown and should have a bit of an easier time now that Leffen has dropped out.

How to watch Collision 2023

Collision is set to begin on Friday, March 10 and will run until finals day on Sunday, March 12 with both Ultimate’s top 64 and Melee’s last remaining 32.

Friday’s action will consist of doubles for both games, but on Saturday, the singles bracket will begin at 11 AM EST and will run until 9 PM with an Ultimate crew battle.

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On Sunday, Melee will close out the show with a 6 PM Top 8 while Ultimate’s Top 8 is set to begin at 2 PM. The highest-placing player who has yet to qualify for Ultimate Summit 6 will earn the final spot.

You can tune into the action on Twitch at CollisionSeriesTV.

Is Steve banned at Collision 2023?

The discovery of a new Steve tech has resulted in the fighter being banned from many tournaments, but he is not banned at Collision.

‘Phantom MLG’ lets Steve get out of combos, cancel hit stun, and strike back against opponents who don’t have the same counterplay. Some pros are hoping that by banning Steve, Microsoft will ask Nintendo to update the game with an emergency patch.

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Although Steve is not banned at Collision, the tech is prohibited and following the tournament, the fighter will not be allowed at other Collision Series events.

As such, this could be one of the final open tournaments in North America where Minecraft Steve is playable.

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