Is Summit1g done with Sea of Thieves following the release of Apex Legends?

. 3 years ago
Summit1g/Microsoft Studios

After taking a brief break from has been critical of the Pirate adventure game recently but, with seemingly every other streamer pausing their usual schedule for the new Battle Royale title of Apex Legends, some fans speculated if Summit may be finished with his hilarious Pirating antics forever.

The surprise release of Apex has got Battle Royale fans clambering to play it.

Responding to a question from a viewer asking if he was ‘done with SoT (Sea of Thieves) forever,’ Summit replied: “Fuck no. But, if this game (Apex Legends) gets big and I’m still liking it, it’d be cool. 

“Who knows? You never know which games blow up nowadays man. This game is not 60 dollars, this game is free.”

When asked what he thinks of Apex Legends so far, summit added: “I’m digging it. I’m having a good time.”

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Apex Legends released on February 4 following a reveal stream on Twitch after a number of teasing tweets from some of the biggest streamers on the platform.

The free-to-play Battle Royale from Respawn Entertainment looks to be a hit already but some elements of the game can be confusing for newcomers.

However, our guides on how each legend plays and which weapons are the best to use will certainly make that first experience a little less challenging.

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