Rust May 27 patch notes: All changes in Deadly Catch update

Rust Deadly CatchFacepunch Studios

Rust’s newest update Deadly Catch brings a boatload of fishing-themed updates and changes to the game. From a brand new monument to the debut of a strange new weapon here are all the changes arriving with the May 27 makeover. 

Console players can now live the fishing life of their dreams in Rusts’ newest update.

Whether you’re aiming to post up in the marshlands or hit the open lakes, Facepunch has delivered a new fishing system and several fixes for existing gameplay elements this time around.

That’s not all though. There’s also a healthy helping of bug fixes and quality of life updates to make the entire experience that much smoother.

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Rust May 27 Deadly Catch update patch notes

Rust Deadly Catch

The highlight of this update is the arrival of the Fishing Village monument. This fresh location will serve as the hub for all things fisherman and aquatic explorer.

There are a ton of items on offer in the new shop, including blueprints of the new Kayak vessel and its corresponding Paddle weapon:

  • Diving Equipment
  • Bait
  • Fishing Rods
  • Boats
  • Kayak Blueprint
  • Paddle Blueprint

Fish have also been added to all appropriate locations, so players can strike out to the closest lake, river, or swamp to test their luck with the new critters.

Rust gameplayFacepunch Studios
Rust’s new update brings new life to the survival shooter.

Deadly Catch also packs in a ton of fixes to the existing boating mechanics, players can no longer flip boats by hitting them with throwable objects and water won’t clip through the sides anymore either.

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Hand in hand with those changes, there were some improvements made to swimming as well, making it more clear when your player is completely submerged underwater.

For the unabridged patch notes, check out the developer blog below:

Rust May 27 update Deadly Catch full patch notes

Hello Survivors!

This patch introduces the exciting new content update named Deadly Catch. With it, you will get to experience the Fishing Village monument where you can purchase diving equipment, bait, fishing rods, and boats. Also available for purchase from the Fishing Villages are blueprints to craft your own kayak and paddle.

As part of this update, the rowboat has been given a fresh new look, the skin store has had a redesign. Let’s go through the list of changes!