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NRG win Rocket League Season 8 World Championship – Results

Published: 15/Dec/2019 19:53 Updated: 15/Dec/2019 20:20

by Scott Robertson


Another exciting season of competitive Rocket League is in the books, as 12 of the world’s best teams descended upon the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid, Spain to compete for a $529k prize pool and the championship trophy.

Season 8 of the Rocket League Championship Series is officially complete, as 2019 ends with a spectacular showing of the best rocket-propelled soccer car players in the world.

Twelve teams arrived to Madrid with championships aspirations. The top four from Europe, the top four from North America, the top two from Oceania, and the top two from South America were invited to Madrid to compete.

The top two teams from both the European and North American regions received byes to the semifinals of their respective group stages, and both bye teams in group B in Team Reciprocity and Pittsburgh Knights ended up on the wrong side of upsets on day one. Both those teams met in the Losers’ Final, with the Knights sending Reciprocity home.

Dignitas’ magical run was the story of the tournament. The lowest seed from Europe finished at the top of group B, earning a playoff semifinal slot. Their series against defending champions Renault Vitality was an incredible seven-series, where they eventually fell in a devastatingly close affair.

This set up a grand finals between European juggernaut Renault Vitality and North American hopeful NRG Esports. Both teams featured a player seeking their fourth individual championship, with Pierre ‘Turbopolsa” Silfver on NRG, and Alexandre ‘Kaydop’ Courant on Vitality.

Turbopolsa got the series started with a hat trick to cruise to an NRG win in game one. Kaydop’s lone goal in game two tied the series at 1-1. Vitality opened game three with two goals in 15 seconds, and held off NRG to take game three. A Garrett ‘GarrettG’ Gordon goal in overtime secured game four for NRG and a 2-2 series tie.

A lone Turbopolsa goal proved the difference in game five, pushing the NRG lead to 3-2. Vitality took an early lead, and just barely held off a resounding comeback to force a game 7. A Vitality goal with less than 30 seconds in regulation sent the final game to overtime, and a goal by Justin ‘jstn’ Morales won it finally for NRG.

With the victory, NRG Esports claims its very first Rocket League world championship. Turbopolsa claims his fourth world title, his first since winning seasons 3-5 back-to-back-to-back. jstn and GarrettG each claim their first world championship.

Final Placements

Place Cash Prize Team
1st $200,000 NRG Esports
2nd $120,000 Renault Vitality
3rd-4th $40,000 Spacestation Gaming
3rd-4th $40,000 Dignitas
5th-6th $24,750 Veloce Esports
5th-6th $24,750 Pittsburgh Knights
7th-8th $16,000 Team Reciprocity
7th-8th $16,000 Renegades
9th-12th $12,000 Canberra Havoc
9th-12th $12,000 The Three Sins
9th-12th $12,000 eUnited
9th-12th $12,000 Lowkey Esports
Rocket League

Psyonix responds to Rocket League Season 1 Tournament Challenge concerns

Published: 12/Nov/2020 0:42

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Rocket League Season 1 is underway, but many players felt like Tournament Challenges were too difficult. Fortunately, Psyonix responded quickly and made them easier.

Rocket League has developed in leaps and bounds since it’s release back in 2015. The player-base has increased exponentially since the game became free-to-play, and the competitive scene is alive and well.

Rocket League’s fun and unique gameplay are what draws players in. However, Psyonix has always been pro-active and implemented player feedback into the game, which keeps them coming back.

Rocket League Season 1 Tournament Challenges
It’s hard to find a game that mixes genres as well as Rocket League.

Still, that process has to start somewhere, and it often happens when enough players voice their opinions on social media. In recent weeks, Psyonix has been rocked with a wave of concerns about two Rocket League Season 1 Tournament Challenges. 

The first one is the Stage 2 Challenge ‘Make It To The Quarter Finals In 4 Psyonix Scheduled Tournaments’. The consensus was that this was too difficult, at least for most casual players.

“Can we talk about the Season Challenges Stage 2 task which requires us to make it to Quarter Finals 4 times?” wrote one player. “I think it’s not okay to tie this to performance and making it to quarterfinals.” 

“This ruins the fun for me, and since it’s a free challenge, we NEED to perform it,” he added. It was one of several threads on the issue. However, it was upvoted more than 150 times and sparked a discussion with 100 comments.

Rocket League Season 1 Tournament Challenges
Rocket League tournaments are arguably the game’s most intense mode.

The second one is the Stage 3 Challenge ‘Get 200 Assists in Online Matches.’ Again, players felt like this was too difficult to achieve. But this time, it was more about how long it took to do.

“I don’t think it’s possible for me to get 200 assists,” said one player, who called for a petition to remove it. “It took me half the season to get 40. I’m sure [there are] people also in the same boat. I guess I just think it’s [a] ridiculous number to hit in half a season.”

Rocket League Season 1 Tournament Challenges
Assists in Rocket League are almost as important as goals.

Fortunately, Psyonix heard and have already responded. “After seeing your feedback over the last few weeks about some of the Season 1 Challenges, we’ve decided to make two changes,” they said.

The first challenge has now been changed to ‘Play in 4 Psyonix Scheduled Tournaments.’ This means players only need to compete in four tournaments rather than make four quarter-finals.

The second challenge has also been changed to ‘Get 50 Assists in Online Matches.’ That means the number of assists has been decreased from 200 down to 50, which takes a quarter of the time to do.

Rocket League Season 1 Tournament Challenges
Psyonix have already made two of the Rocket League Season 1 Challenges easier.

“These changes are live now,” they said. “If you don’t see them live in your game just yet, please restart and they should appear as intended.”

Rocket League players are thrilled with the changes. But perhaps more importantly, they’re content knowing that Psyonix always seems to have their back in the end, although it can take a bit of time.