Rocket League Season 6: Start date & time, theme, new content, patch notes

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Rocket League’s momentum seems to show no signs of stopping as the popular esports title has gone live with its sixth official season since the reboot. Players can expect more chaos, carnage, and content in the newest major update.

The success and longevity of Rocket League surely can’t have been foreseen when Psyonix’s addictive football/car hybrid launched way back in 2015. The game positively soared as a stalwart in the esports department and going free-to-play effectively relaunched the game to achieve even more fame and fortune.

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Now in 2022, Rocket League is now fully in its sixth full season since the free-to-play initiative launched. As usual, expect all the wonderful delights that come with a new season of competitive vehicular football.


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A new influx of content is always welcome in Rocket League!

Rocket League Season 6 release date

After a long, long gap since Season 5, Rocket League Season 6 went live on March 9, 2022.

Unlike other live-service games such as Fortnite and Warzone, Rocket League isn’t too stringent when it comes to the length of seasons. Season 2 to 3 was two months, Season 3 to 4 was four months, and Season 4 to 5 was three months.

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Rocket League Season 6 theme

Rocket League Season 6 has introduced a new, colorful animated theme for its latest wave of content.

One of the fun elements of every new Rocket League season is seeing what funky and flashy cosmetic items players will be able to unlock and display. So far, we’ve had a music-themed season, a racing theme, a western theme, and a space theme.

A wacky trailer from the Rocket League team gave a brief insight into the kind of content that could be expected for Rocket League Season 6.

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Season 6 Rocket Pass rewards

Obviously tieing into the animation-style of Season 6, the Battle Pass is crammed full of these eye-popping new designs, including the new Nomad van.

Each new season of Rocket League content comes with a handy Rocket Pass for players to get their hands on, featuring a litany of skins, toppers, antennas, and a whole bunch more.

Rocket League Season 6 patch notes V2.12



New Arena Variant


Report/Block Player Menu
  • The Mute/Report Player menu has changed to ‘Report/Block Player’
  • Blocking a player from the Report/Block Player menu will prevent you from seeing their text chat during a match
    • This will also block you from hearing that player in voice chat when it becomes available in the future
  • Blocking a player carries over between matches
  • You can unblock players from the same Report/Block Player menu
  • Blocking a player you are friends with through Epic Games will remove them from your Epic Games friends list
  • The ‘Mute All’ button has been removed
    • If you prefer to play with text chat muted, you can go to Settings -Chat – Text Chat Settings, and make changes there



  • [PlayStation] Fixed a crash scenario involving four-player splitscreen
  • [PC] Fixed a bug causing framerate cap to reset on start or when opening the Settings menu
  • Fixed a trading error when attempting to trade equipped Avatar Borders and Player Banners
  • Fixed a notification display error when looking at new items
  • The SARPBC Theme Player Anthem now plays correctly when streamer safe is enabled
  • Fixed a bug causing Painted Samurai Car Bodies to lose color on trim when using its Common Decals
  • Fixed localization for Tournament queue text
  • Fixed appearance of several Painted Excavator Trails
  • Fixed a bug causing XVII Decal to change trim color on Marauder
  • Centered several Decals for the Insidio Car Body
  • The 50th Anniversary and Hot Wheels Race Team Decals for Fast 4WD and MR11 will now change colors when switching teams
  • Fixed Exo and Planetarium Paint Finishes on Gizmo
  • Fixed a Paint Finish error when using the 2020 Team Liquid decal on Fennec Car Body