Rocket League streamer goes viral after teaching dog to score goals

. 5 months ago
dog playing rocket league
Psyonix, chell

One Twitch streamer may have put their dog on the road to stardom thanks to a viral Rocket League clip in which it scored a goal wearing a headset and all.

It’s only February, but we may have already seen 2022’s most wholesome Twitch gaming clip. The video comes courtesy of streamer chell who allowed her dog to take over her Rocket League setup and prove their ability.

The adorable pooch seemingly managed to take control of the vehicle quite capably, leading to a full goal being scored.

rocket league player scoring a goal
The art of a scoring a goal was not lost on Apollo.

The world of Rocket League continues to be one of the world’s leading esports ventures with tons of pros battling it out to be the best players on the planet.

Outside of the seriously competitive scene, there are more than enough streamers also showcasing their skills for Twitch and YouTube to see. Chell is one of them, and she enjoys playing different games for her audience, one of which is Psyonix’s Rocket League.

In a stream on February 7, chell was asked by one of her viewers to allow her precious doggo Apollo to take control of the game. Chell obliged and got Apollo onto her gaming chair. She kitted him up with her headset and Apollo even took control of the gamepad in his mouth.

Then, in the practice arena to see how Apollo could fare, chell watched on as the dog took control of the ball and proceeded to talk it for walkies into the goal.

“Apollo you’re insane, you’re so insane!” she exclaimed before rewarding the dog with hugs and pets.

Now, there might be a hint of some assistance from chell, although nothing is conclusive here and we don’t want to be barking up the wrong tree.

So, for the time being, we’ll go on the assumption that Apollo has all the potential in the world to use the game’s best cars and go on to become Rocket League’s first-ever, doge world champion.

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