Resident Evil Re:Verse multiplayer launches in October after long delay

resident evil reverse release date

Amid a sea of Resident Evil-related announcements, publisher Capcom finally shared a release date for Resident Evil RE:Verse.

Originally slated to launch as a free multiplayer mode alongside Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil RE:Verse was designed as an online experience dedicated to the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Playable characters include everyone from Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine to Nemesis and Jack Baker. But while the mode sounded well-rounded on paper, beta testing sessions revealed myriad issues.

Matchmaking and other technical woes proved particularly troublesome, ultimately culminating in RE:Verse’s yearlong delay. The beleaguered project has since reentered the spotlight, though.

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Resident Evil RE:Verse finally gets a release date

resident evil re:verse release all characters key artCapcom
Resident Evil Re:Verse resurfaces.

During Capcom‘s recent games showcase, in which the publisher unveiled RE Village’s story DLC, Resident Evil RE:Verse finally received a new due date.

The multiplayer suite will become available to play across consoles and PC on Friday, October 28, the same date as RE Village’s Winters’ Expansion, which includes the Shadow of Rose DLC, Third-Person Mode, and Mercenaries-specific extras.

Talk of Resident Evil RE:Verse begins around the 56:42 timestamp in the video below:

Oddly enough, Capcom didn’t devote much time to RE:Verse during the showcase. Not even new gameplay made an appearance. And if the publisher intends on hosting more beta sessions, it has yet to announce as much.

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When Resident Evil RE:Verse finally releases, players will gain access to a deathmatch mode with a twist. The PvP mode casts users in the role of franchise heroes, then tasks them with scouring the map in search of virus capsules.

If a player dies during the match, they’ll quickly be resurrected as a bioweapon à la Nemesis. The monster form the player character assumes is contingent on the number of attained virus capsules.