Will there be a Below Deck Down Under Season 2 reunion?

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Below Deck Down Under fans are dying to know whether season 2 of the hit Bravo series will have a reunion special with Andy Cohen hosting.

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under has gained notoriety for being one of the most dramatic seasons in the show’s history. Due to the messy unfolding of events from this crew, fans of the hit Bravo series are dying to know whether there will be a reunion special following the season finale. 

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Where do each of the castmates stand today? Have Tzarina and Joao made amends? Is Culver still in a relationship with Jaimee? All these questions would be perfect for dissecting at the reunion. 

Yet, unfortunately, there have yet to be any promotions from Bravo for a season 2 reunion. 

It looks like a Below Deck Down Under reunion might not be happening

Fans of reality TV love nothing more than reunion specials, where audiences get to take a peek at where all the castmates stand today. 

During previous Below Deck reunions, prominent issues throughout the season were unpacked by the castmates with Andy Cohen as the host. Burning questions from dedicated fans of the show were finally answered. 

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In season 2 of Below Deck Down Under, there are still so many loose ends that need to be tied up. Fortunately, there is still a two-hour finale left for issues to be resolved.

According to fans of Below Deck Down Under, one of the reasons Bravo is unlikely to have a reunion might be due to the fact that the host, Andy Cohen, isn’t invested in the show.

“Andy Cohen doesn’t even watch BD so he doesn’t care,” one fan wrote on the Below Deck Down Under Reddit thread. “We watch faithfully all season and they collect revenue, but then they often disrespect their audience by not having a reunion for closure.”

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Another agreed, writing, “It’s because Andy Cohen couldn’t care less about BD. Even when he did do the reunions it was painfully obvious he didn’t watch and he didn’t care.”

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