Tzarina reveals why there is no Below Deck Down Under reunion

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Tzarina from season 2 of Below Deck Down Under hopped on Instagram to explain why there was no reunion special.

Fans of Below Deck Down Under were disappointed to discover that there was no reunion episode following the season 2 finale.

Most reality TV shows wrap up seasons by reuniting all of the castmates in the form of a reunion special. In these specials, reoccurring issues and drama-inducing moments get hashed out once and for all by the cast. These reunions often serve as a great opportunity for closure from the castmates, as well as viewers, by tying up loose ends.

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Yet according to Tzarina, there was a reason why the cast of season 2 never ended up filming a reunion special.

Chef Tzarina revealed why there was no Below Deck Down Under season 2 reunion

Many fans of Below Deck Down Under were dying to know whether the hit Bravo series would have a reunion special. Tzarina took to her Instagram story to inform fans that, unfortunately, there would be no reunion since they never filmed one in the first place.

Yet as the chef revealed in her Instagram story, there’s a good reason why the cast never got together to film the special. According to Tzarina, one big reason why they never filmed a reunion was in an effort to “protect Margot” following the unfortunate incident with Luke.

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“I think the biggest question I’ve been asked is, ‘Is there going to be a reunion?’ And sadly not,” Tzarina revealed on her Instagram story. Explaining why, she said, “I just think so many things went on that season… it would just be too hectic… and I think we’re trying to keep the Luke and Laura situation out of it to protect Margot, which I think is fair enough, and we should all respect that. But yeah, unfortunately, no reunion.”  

Stay tuned to Bravo for more episodes of Below Deck Down Under.

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