The Bachelor’s Rachel in tears after “hateful” comments during Season 28 Tell All

Molly Byrne
Rachel Nance gets emotional talking about hateful comments

After being eliminated from The Bachelor Season 28, Rachel Nance spoke about the hurtful comments she’s received at The Women Tell All.

Rachel Nance competed alongside 31 other women to win the heart of Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor Season 28.

Though she’d take Graziadei home to meet her Hawaiian family, who are rooted in their culture, Nance would be eliminated after making it to the top three.

During The Women Tell All segment where the ladies came back to discuss the show, Nance tearfully spoke about how she’s received hurtful comments regarding her heritage.

The Bachelor’s host, Jesse Palmer, then asked the women to raise their hands if they too received hate since the show aired, which many did.

Rachel Nance and Joey graziadei
Rachel Nance and Joey Graziadei hug during The Women Tell All.

Jesse Palmer says there was a “noticeable rise in hate” via social media this season

When Nance was brought on stage during The Women Tell All, she opened up about what fans have said about her via social media.

Saying “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster,” Nance couldn’t hold back her tears. “I don’t know why this has been happening… I’ve just been getting a lot of hateful messages,” she said.

Nance continued to say how she’s been called the ‘n-word’ and a ‘jungle Asian’ since hometowns aired. “I don’t understand why… and I’m sad because my parents enjoyed the hometown episode.”

Nance also said it was “frustrating” to see people make TikToks saying they were “throwing up” when she and Graziadei kissed.

Graziadei then chimed in, telling Nance she “never” deserved the hate. That’s when Palmer addressed the comments, saying that this season of The Bachelor has seen a “noticeable rise in hate” on social media.

Palmer then asked the women to raise their hands if they’ve received hurtful messages since the show, to which many had.

Nance then wrapped up the conversation by calling the haters “keyboard warriors,” and expressed how she was affected “emotionally and mentally” by what was said.

As for her feelings for Graziadei, Nance said she “wishes” she was able to be more vulnerable “sooner,” as she was “sad” to have her heart broken again. However, she explained how Graziadei helped her realize what she “deserves” in a future relationship.