The Bachelor fans call contestants “vultures” for being jealous of Maria

Molly Byrne

The Bachelor fans seem to think contestants are jealous of Maria Georgas.

Going into Episode 5 of The Bachelor Season 28, contestant Maria Georgas already had a lot of heat on her from her feud with Sydney Gordon. And when Sydney was sent home after their double date with Joey Graziadei, the remaining women had their choice opinions.

Not to mention, Maria was given a first impression rose after disclosing intimate details to Joey about her family dynamic, causing the tension in the house to rise even more.

Surely, Maria is just competing for Joey’s heart. However, fans have taken notice of how jealous the contestants are of Maria, saying that they’re acting as “vultures.”

The Bachelor fans want Maria to be the next Bachelorette to spite the contestants 

Maria and Joey have proven their relationship is strong against the tides, as multiple women have tried to push him away from her.

First, it was Sydney and now, Lea Cayanan and Jess Edwards have also picked a bone with how close Maria and Joey are getting despite their disapproval of her.

When Maria was given the first impression rose, Lea confessed in a private confessional, “She’s putting on a damn good performance. For him to validate her and love on her, I thought she was the last person this rose could have gone to.”

The Bachelor Season 28
The Bachelor Season 28

Later on in the episode, Jess was in tears over Maria having one-on-one time with Joey even though she already had a rose, as Jess thought Maria was taking time away from her and the other women. Jess even called Maria “f*cking rude.”

After the episode aired, fans of The Bachelor seemed to think the contestants were jealous of Maria, taking to Reddit to say, “They’re like vultures. They are genuinely threatened by not only her connection with Joey but by her comfort just existing as an authentic woman. When they see any opportunity, they want to jump on it.”

byu/iluvhummus from discussion

Another fan added, “Maria is hot as hell and these b*tches are insecure.” Others even agreed on having Maria as the next Bachelorette to spite the ladies.

Since Maria, Lea, and Jess all received a rose by the end of the episode, it seems as if the drama may also be there to stay. To stay tuned on what happens next, fans can watch The Bachelor every Monday on ABC at 8:00 PM EST.

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