Love Island host Maya Jama responds as cheeky islander gets flirty

Kawter Abed
Maya Jama and Sammy Root

TV host Maya Jama hit out at Sammy Root on Love Island: Aftersun, after the cheeky Islander made a flirty comment to her.

Love Island: Aftersun‘s latest episode kicked off on July 11, and saw Maya Jama discuss the latest updates and drama from the villa, along with regular panelists Sam Thompson and Indiyah Polack.

The 28-year-old iconic host left fans awestruck, as she appeared on Love Island’s weekly spin-off show in a gorgeous red dress and silver hoop earrings while donning a glamorous palette of makeup.

But it was not only fans who were captivated by her presence.

Islander Sammy Root, who’s coupled up with Jess Harding, joined the program via video link from the villa’s Beach Hut, and couldn’t resist a flirty comment to Maya.

Sammy Root gets flirty with Maya Jama

In a game on the show called Fib or Fact, the Aftersun presenter asked the 22-year-old if he was ready, to which Sammy shot back with a flirtatious remark. “Fire away, beautiful,” he replied, causing the audience in the studio to erupt into laughter, cheers, and woos.

Maya, who was taken aback by his comment, diffused the charged atmosphere with a quick quip. “Okay, chill out,” she retorted, light-heartedly shutting down the Islander.

Fans immediately took to social media to hit out at Sammy, with many insisting he hadn’t shown much interest in his current partner.

“Sammy is flirting more with Maya Jama on Aftersun in a 2-minute game more than he’s ever done with Jess,” one viewer tweeted.

“Sammy called Maya beautiful more times in After Sun than he has Jess the past 6 weeks,” another fan wrote. “Saying ‘fire away beautiful’ to Maya. Oh yeah. We know his type, sorry Jess,” a third added.

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