Love Is Blind’s Jarrette Jones responds to Iyanna cheating allegation

Je'Kayla Crawford
Iyanna and Jarrette from Love Is Blind

Jarrette Jones from Love Is Blind just took to social media to address the cheating accusation. 

Jarrette is mostly known for starring in Season 2 of Love Is Blind. During the show, he met and started a relationship with Iyanna McNeely.

The couple ended up getting married in the finale episode. But, they later separated.

Recently, Iyanna publicly accused Jarrette of cheating on her during their marriage. And now, he has shared his side of the story.

Did Jarrette from Love Is Blind cheat on Iyanna?

A few days ago, Jarrette took to Instagram Live to address the cheating claim.

He admitted in the livestream that he did end up bringing women to his house while he was still together with Iyanna.

He said that, “I’ve owned up to the fact that I should have never invited them to my crib in the first place. I’ve apologized time and time again to Iyanna about that.”

The reality TV star later claimed that while they were at his house, he did not touch them and nothing romantic happened between him and his guests.

Jarrette went on to say that he was upset that the allegation has come out now.

He said that, “For this to come out now, especially with somebody that I really and truly cared about, you know what I’m saying, it hurt.”

Judging by the TikTok comments of the viewers who watched the live stream back, no one is buying his side of the story.

One person wrote, “Iyanna also said that the girl send her pictures of the friend wearing HIS shirt at the house. But I guess he conveniently left that out.”

Another chimed in and wrote, “im sorry he invited these women into THEIR HOME. boy bye.”

Iyanna has not publicly responded to what Jarrette said in the live stream. To stay updated on all things Love Is Blind and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.

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