Love Is Blind fan matches with Season 5 contestant on dating app

Justice from Love Is BlindNetflix

After not finding the one in Love Is Blind Season 5, Justice is trying to find love in another way (an app to be exact). 

We already know by now that when it comes to Love Is Blind, viewers don’t get to see everything that happens between the contestants. 

 In fact, in Season 5 we missed out on a couple’s entire engagement journey that was never addressed on the show.

This season there were a lot of cast members but only a handful actually got screen time. One who didn’t get that privilege was Justice.

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 “For the past few years, Justice has put dating on the back burner and prioritized his career, but now he’s ready to place love above everything else in my life,” reads his Season 5 bio

 However, besides a few interactions in the very beginning, we hardly saw him the entire season.

Some of the only facts we know about the contestant are that he was 28 at the time of filming and is a personal trainer. So what is he up to now? Well, he’s still trying to find love, just not on reality TV.

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Who is Justice from Love Is Blind Season 5? 

 On November 17, a fan took to Reddit to share that she matched with Justice on a dating app and didn’t specify which app it was. 

Even though viewers didn’t see him much in Season 5, they are still rooting for her to pursue a relationship with him.

One fan wrote, “Do we get an update? I want a Bumble screenshot. A dinner post. A story time. Help.” 

Another fan wrote, “Go on a date, get the tea and report back.” 

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Maybe this new off-screen relationship journey could finally be Justice’s time to shine. 

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