Love Is Blind fans enjoying karma after Jackie Bonds splits with Josh Demas

Josh and Jackie from Love Is BlindNetflix

Jackie and Josh, one of the shocking couples to come from Love Is Blind Season 4, have ended their relationship.

Even though Irina Solomova and Micah Lussier were dubbed the mean girls of Love Is Blind Season 4, Jackelina Bonds was arguably the messiest.

After getting a pretty good connection with Josh Demas in the pods, she ultimately got engaged to Marshall Glaze. The two were on the road to tying the knot in the finale episode until their relationship went south and they broke up.

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Why did they end up parting ways? Well, because Jackie decided to rekindle her romance with Josh, her first flame.

Even though Marshall has moved on and is in a relationship now, fans of the season are still angry at how Jackie handled the love triangle. And it seems like they’ve gotten their wish.

Did Jackie and Josh from Love Is Blind Season 4 break up?

On September 18, a TikTok was posted by @realityashley. She was able to catch a clip during one of Jackie’s livestreams that revealed that she and Josh had broken up.

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Apparently, the reason for the split was because of the argument that Jackie had with Josh’s ex-girlfriend Monica Rodriguez during the After the Altar.

“I was told by him to ignore her but I had a convo with her and that’s why we broke up,” Jackie explained in the livestream.

While some people were trying to be emphatic toward the situation, most were quick to relate their breakup to the Marshall Season 4 fiasco.

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One fan wrote, “What goes around comes back around.” Another person chimed in and said, “Lmfaoooo karma.”

Josh neither confirmed nor denied their breakup as of yet.

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