Former Love is Blind contestant slams show for not having therapist

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Cameron Hamilton from season 1 of Love is Blind thinks the reality show needs to have a therapist to help contestants through their hardships.

Love is Blind has quickly become one of the most popular dating shows of all time. Airing on Netflix in 2020, the show has accumulated global success and is already on its fifth season. Yet despite how much fans can’t wait to tune in for more of the heartache and drama, the series has received its fair share of backlash from both viewers and former contestants of the show.

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In fact, several former contestants even alleged that production brought on “emotional warfare”, keeping them deprived of food, water, and sleep.

While season 1’s Cameron Hamilton for the most part had nothing but positive things to say about the show, (after all it’s where he met the love of his life, Lauren), he did call out the lack of mental health precautions on set.

Cameron Hamilton from Love is Blind calls out series for lack of mental health aid

For Cameron Hamilton, Love is Blind was a dream come true. The reality series was where he wound up meeting his future wife and best friend, Lauren. As of 2023, the couple will have been together for five years in November. As their social media accounts suggest, the pair is still going strong and is more in love than ever before.

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Yet despite his adoration for the Netflix show and what it ultimately provided for him, the former contestant did call out the lack of therapy on set.

“There were often times when we were going through this process where I think we both felt like we needed someone to talk to,” said Cameron in a YouTube Q&A, referring to himself and Lauren. “I also think it would be good to have a therapist on the show, Love is Blind.” He added, “It’s just very mentally challenging. I do think that would be really helpful…”

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As Cameron states in the video, he would love to host his own reality dating series with himself and Lauren as the hosts. If he were to host, he would love to provide therapy for the contestants.

Fans were quick to jump on board with his suggestion. “It would be nice if Netflix would approach you and Lauren to host your own show, a new show,” one fan wrote in the comments. “If you have any ideas, you might want to see if they would be interested in a pitch. I’d love to see you two do your own show.”

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Tune in to Netflix for an all-new season of Love is Blind.

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