Below Deck Med’s Haleigh Gorman finally gets Season 8 screen time

Areesha Khan
Haleigh Gorman on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8Bravo TV

Below Deck Mediterranean fans finally get to see more of their favorite deck hand, Haleigh Gorman. Here is what Haleigh has been up to so far in season 8.

Below Deck Mediterranean fans were concerned about crewmate Haleigh’s whereabouts this season. Many were questioning why she wasn’t getting more screen time and where exactly was she hiding below deck.

The most popular theory was that she was too wholesome and drama-free. It seems that Haleigh’s fun carefree personality attracted the show’s fans and she first caught everyone’s attention while joking about how her dream job would be to give her love to baby manatees and walruses.

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She said, “I don’t care how much it pays, I’ll hug walruses all day, and I’ll sell feet pics to compensate.”

A Below Deck Med fan on Reddit commented: “Bravo dropped the ball here. We’re getting all the annoying Natalya crap plus the dumb Kyle-generated drama and it’d be so much better focusing on Haleigh and maybe Luka. She’s low-key hilarious.”

What has Haleigh Gorman been up to on Below Deck Med?

Haleigh Gorman below deckHaleigh Gorman
Haleigh has gone missing on the super yacht, Below Deck fans claim.

After strong fan demand, we finally get more shots of Haleigh on the show. During episode 10 of season 8, a small scene took place between Haleigh and the new Lead Deckhand, Lara Du Preez. Lara was seen flashing Haleigh and many viewers thought it was highly inappropriate especially considering Lara is supposed to be Haleigh’s superior.

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A fan on Reddit commented: “She’s her boss and, though the lines are blurred in this industry, there still is a power imbalance and that quandary of how to address a situation where a boss is making you uncomfortable without jeopardizing your career.”

Then during episode 11 of season 8, we discovered that the new primary guest, Michael Owens, who is a CEO working in the dental industry wants to entertain his guests with a 007 Casino Royale-themed dinner party. This task came under Haleigh’s execution and so It seems that fans can finally anticipate more of Haleigh in the upcoming weeks.

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