Below Deck Down Under fans rooting for Harry & Margot romance after intimate clue

Harry and Margot from Below Deck Down Under leave fans wondering if they’re dating following intimate Instagram posts.

Harry and Margot from Below Deck Down Under caused fans to swoon with their recent Instagram posts. 

While the pair left the Northern Sun Yacht as nothing more than close friends, Harry and Margot’s recent social media postings with one another have led fans to suspect there’s more going on with their relationship than meets the eye. 

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Due to the intimate nature of their posts, could there be love on the horizon for the former castmates? Fans sure seem to think so. 

Fans want Harry and Margot from Below Deck Down Under to “get married already.” 

While Below Deck Down Under season 2 was airing, viewers found themselves frustrated with Harry and Margot’s relationship. Despite Harry’s pining over the stew, Margot responded to his yearning with mixed signals. 

The pair went on a date, but Margot ultimately felt like she and Harry just had “friend vibes” as opposed to anything romantic. Although Margot told Harry that she’d occasionally get a spark with him, she was too uncertain about her feelings to head down the boyfriend/girlfriend route. 

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This left Harry feeling “gutted.”

Yet ever the good sport, he didn’t let his hurt feelings about Margot’s rejection get in the way of their friendship. As season 2 progressed, Harry and Margot’s bond seemed to evolve into something completely platonic.

Yet things always change, and their relationship status is no exception.

Although neither Harry nor Margot have outright claimed they are romantically linked, their latest Instagram posts caused fans to speculate.

First, the two posted several videos to their Instagram stories cuddling with one another in a way that suggests more than friendship. Margot went on to post a picture of herself cuddling up against Harry, with the caption “My rock.”

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As for Harry, he posted a reel to his Instagram of himself and Margot that was quite romantic in nature. The reel involved a montage of the two singing, dancing, and cuddling. Due to their undeniable chemistry in the video, fans were quick to root for the pair as a couple.

“Please get married!!!” one fan wrote on the reel.

Another was quick to agree, writing, “Please marry each other!!”

“JUST KISS ALREADY,” suggested another fan.

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“Please be in love forever,” someone else chimed in.

Keep watching Bravo for more Below Deck Down Under.

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