Rainbow Six is getting a Warmup mode to help players practice


Sick of playing Terrorist Hunt to warm up in Siege? Ubisoft are currently developing a Warmup game mode you can drop in and out of to try and work on your aim before jumping into ranked.

It’s been a long-requested feature ⁠— warmup in Siege. Other games, like Overwatch, CS:GO, or even Valorant, have options to play against other humans to get your eye in.

Siege doesn’t have a mode like that unless you want to jump into a casual game, or play against bots. That is changing though, with Ubisoft actively developing a warmup mode that’ll replace the game’s current features.

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“We acknowledge that sometimes you might want to enjoy Siege without necessarily having the whole pressure of a 5v5 bomb match,” creative director Leroy Athanassoff said in a July 22 AMA.

“We are working on a prototype of a TDM mode that we call Warmup. The main goal is to have something easy going, easy opt in and opt out where you can practice your aim and try different weapons.”

rainbow six siege shotgunUbisoft
Get your eye in with Siege’s upcoming Warmup game mode.

The warmup mode will be big news for Siege players who have wanted a more reliable way to practice than just mindlessly grinding Terrorist Hunt. The game mode, which pits you against AI, can be decent aim practice, but it’s not as good as playing other humans.

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Ubisoft have wanted to remove Terrorist Hunt for quite some time, Athanassoff admitted, because of its flaws and cost to maintain. However, it will remain until the warmup mode is shipped because “it still has some interest and some purpose for some people”.

“We said to ourselves that before touching TH we need to deliver some features that answer the needs I mentioned above. We need first to ship a Warmup game mode.

“We also need to have a way to play with bots in a safe environment for people that want to learn, or play co-op with their friends without playing against humans. That’s the commitment we are making.”

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Terrorist Hunt Rainbow SixUbisoft
Terrorist Hunt will be removed once Siege’s Warmup mode is added.

Siege is also getting a Shooting Range to learn spray patterns

On top of the Warmup mode, Ubisoft also want to add a Shooting Range to Siege akin to Valorant’s Range, where players can test weapon recoil, as well as other unique mechanics in a sandbox with no consequences.

“We really see the importance here to allow players to see the impact of weapon balancing more directly and concretely compare the changes from one update to another,” associate game director Christopher Budgen said.

“We have a lot of plans for this feature and some ideas that are unique to Siege such as practicing Soft Wall destruction and testing the damage loss through different destructible materials.”

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There’s no dates set for the release of Warmup mode or the Shooting Range, so keep your eyes peeled in 2022 and Year 7 for the big features.

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