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First look at Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 operator leaked

Published: 7/Jan/2022 21:43

by Bill Cooney


Images of the new Rainbow Six operator – coming in Year 7, Season 1 – seem to have been leaked on Reddit and social media. Some players though, don’t think she looks like an R6 character at all.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 will hit servers and go live in early March 2022.

On January 7 however, leaked images of the brand new operator coming were posted to Reddit, giving fans an early surprise preview.

We already knew a bit about this new character from previous leaks, but this was the first time we got to see actual images of her.

Images of new Rainbow Six operator “Kiba” leaked

The above images were posted to the Rainbow Six subreddit, and show the newest operator named Kiba. The operator herself is rocking a black and gold coat with a matching mask.


Her name matches previous leaks, which revealed an ability called the “Kiba Barrier,” though we don’t know exactly how it will work. Her weapon and gadget loadouts are in the second photo, followed by how she’ll appear in the menu. Finally, we get a solid look at her name and logo in the last image.

Another detail is the kunai featured next to her name and in her model. These could make up one of her in-game abilities, but we just don’t know enough to say for sure yet.

While she does look sleek, some Siege players don’t think she fits with the game at all.


“She looks like a character from Rogue Company,” one of the most upvoted comments read. Based on her looks alone, she certainly wouldn’t look out of place in Hi-Rez’s game.

Rainbow Six Siege “Kiba” release date

We’ll find out more about Kiba and Y7S1 during the 2022 Siege Invitational.

The Year 7 panel at the Six Invitational 2022 is likely where we’ll learn much more about the Y7S1 rework.

Scheduled for February 8-20, it would be ideal as that’s just before the start window of March 2022.

We’ll update you with more Kiba and year 7 leaks as they become available ahead of the next Rainbow Six season.