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What we know about Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1: Azami operator leaks, map rework, release date

Published: 16/Jan/2022 6:28

by Andrew Amos


Rainbow Six Y7S1 is on the horizon ⁠— with Year 6 set to wrap up in the coming months, the next season is set to kick off with a bang at Six Invitational 2022. Here’s what we know about Rainbow Six Y7S1, including all leaks and details about the new operator, map rework, and its release date.

Rainbow Six Year 6 is coming to an end. Operation High Calibre is the last update of 2021, with new defender Thorn and the Outback map rework headlining the changes.

Coming into Rainbow Six Year 7 though, players can expect a big launch for Y7S1 at Six Invitational 2022. Early leaks and details are already coming through, detailing the new operator, the map rework, and a potential release date. Here’s what we know so far.



Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 new Operator: Azami

Not much is known about the Rainbow Six Y7S1 except their name: A leak from ‘Script’ claimed the Operator was codenamed Flubber. Further leaks from ‘benjaminstrike’ indicate Year 7’s first new character will be named Azami.

They also revealed they have a gadget called the Kiba Barrier, but it’s unclear how it works. Given we’ve had a number of ‘barrier’ Operators recently including attacker Osa and defender Goyo (who is getting a rework in a future update), Azami could have been on either side of Team Rainbow.

However, an in-game leak circulating on Reddit has given players a first look at Azami, and set in stone she’ll be a defender. If they are true, Azami will hail from Japan — joining Hibana and Echo — will have two-speed two-armor.


Her loadout was also revealed with the following weapons:

  • Primary: 9x19VSN, ACS-12
  • Secondary: D-50
  • Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Impact Grenade

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 map rework

With the Outback map rework being revealed in Operation High Calibre, there are now no maps due for an update on Ubisoft’s public plan.

However, come the Year 7 panel at Six Invitational 2022, we will likely learn about the Y7S1 rework ⁠— as well as the next few. Some unpopular maps like Tower could be on the changelist, or former Pro League picks like Consulate.

Tower in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six players have long called for a Tower rework.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 release date

Rainbow Six Y7S1 will be revealed at the Six Invitational, like all big yearly launches. The Six Invitational 2022 is set to run from February 8 to 20, and in that will be around an hour-long panel outlining not just Y7S1 but the entire Year 7 plan.


After the reveal, players will be able to test the new changes for around three weeks before it hits live servers in early March 2022.