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Why 2020 actually did Pokemon Go a big favor

Published: 13/Aug/2020 12:49

by Paul Cot


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that 2020 hasn’t been the best year. However, many believe it has actually been very beneficial to Pokemon Go and its future.

Of course, Pokemon Go is a game that largely required you to go outside to get the most out of it. Outside of living in a populated area, trainers need to go out on a walk or take a trip to town in order to find Pokemon.

The same could be said for Legendary Pokemon and Raid Battles whereby rural trainers often didn’t have a gym anywhere near them. Then there was GO Battle League which had a walking requirement to play sets of battles.

When the world changed, Niantic was left in a tough spot. To their credit they handled it brilliantly, reacting quickly and changing Pokemon Go for the good.

Pokemon Go Changes March 2020
Pokemon Company
A lot has changed in Pokemon Go since March 2020.

What did Niantic change?

Since March the following has changed in Pokemon Go:

  • Double the range on gyms and Pokestops
  • 2x Incense duration and increased Incense effectiveness
  • Open 1.5x as many Gifts and hold 2x as many
  • 1/2 egg hatch distance
  • No walking requirement to compete in GO Battle League
  • Remote Raid Pass added to the game
    • Boosted damage for trainers battling remotely
    • Inviting friends to a Raid can be done remotely
    • Increased number of trainers allowed in Raids when battling remotely

Additionally, Community Days have lasted for six hours instead of three.

Don’t revert the changes

The problem Niantic now face is pressure to keep the changes intact. Players from all areas largely agree that the above changes have made Pokemon Go more enjoyable.

“Pokemon Go has changed into a much better game, one I am enjoying a lot more,” WhisperinWarrior shared on Reddit. Comments from the same post all agree which means while it is a mobile game, Pokemon Go is certainly more playable from home.

Niantic did offer some clarity on some of these changes, though. The distance at which you can spin gyms and Pokestops will remain increased.

This is in addition to changes to Gifts remaining the same and, what will come as no surprise, Remote Raids will also remain.

However, for those hoping the walking requirement would be permanently wiped there is some bad news. A post from Niantic stated: “The walking requirement to unlock sets of battles in the GO Battle League will return eventually.”

These clarifications show Niantic are aware of how well they have been received and we can therefore expect many of them to be kept in place. At least there is one silver lining we can take from all of this.


Pokemon players furious over Crown Tundra’s “confusing” release time

Published: 22/Oct/2020 19:10 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 19:22

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Sword & Shield is set to get its second DLC, The Crown Tundra, on October 22. However, players have become outraged over the expansion’s muddled release time.

For Pokemon’s eighth generation release, Sword & Shield, Game Freak opted out of a third game in favor of an Expansion Pass. And on October 22, the Nintendo Switch title is set to get its second DLC, The Crown Tundra.

Or at least, it was supposed to. However, the new content won’t be coming out on that day for many Trainers around the world. Fans have become outraged over the add-on’s confusing release schedule.

pokemon the crown tundra promo image
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Crown Tundra DLC was announced as coming out on October 22, but it’s complicated.

Pokemon Crown Tundra release time sparks anger

In September, The Pokemon Company finally gave the Sword & Shield DLC a firm release date after months of anticipation. The expansion was marketed as releasing on October 22 in a reveal trailer that showed off new footage.

However as the Crown Tundra’s launch drew near, confusion began to spread among players who weren’t exactly sure when new content would go live on the Switch. As the 22nd finally rolled around, fans of the series took to social media to voice their frustration.

Trainers hit out Nintendo’s lack of a clear release schedule, such as one user who exclaimed, “Wish Nintendo would at least give people an exact release time. It can’t be that hard to do.” Another fan agreed and tweeted, “Could Game Freak/TPC be any more unclear with when the Crown Tundra is coming? Seriously? How hard is it to just… Give a time of release?”

angry pokemon tweets
Pokemon players were confused by the DLC’s release time.

At the time of writing, Nintendo still has not given a release time officially. However based on when the Home app is going down for maintenance, it is now believed that the DLC will drop at 9PM PST on the 22nd, and 12:00PM EST / 05:00 BST the next day. That means over half of the world won’t get it until the 23rd.

This, of course, did not sit well with many in the Pokemon community. “Don’t know why you told us the crown tundra would be out on the 22, when in reality its going to be the 23rd. So why kick us in the d**k like that,” one person said. Another Twitter user echoed a similar frustration, exclaiming, “oh f**k off i have to wait another day for crown tundra.”

angry pokemon tweets
Some fans were angry over the DLC releasing on October 23 instead of the promised 22nd.

It wasn’t just fans that were confused by the DLC’s release schedule, even media outlets were left  in the dark by Nintendo’s lack of clarity on the content’s launch time. Joe Merrick of popular Pokemon outlet Serebii addressed the confusion in a tweet on October 22.

In comparison, the Isle of Armor made its debut early in the morning on its scheduled release date – making the Crown Tundra’s launch all the more baffling.

Anger and confusion aside, it appears most of the world will finally get their hands on the Sword & Shield expansion on October 23, which was not the date that the company has been promoting.