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UI concept shows how to improve Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League

Published: 19/Mar/2020 19:36

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go’s GO Battle League Season 1 is well underway but some trainers have complaints about the current user interface.

Alongside lag issues in GO Battle League, players are finding the location of in-game buttons problematic. Not only are mistakes being made because of their positioning but many feel more information could also be displayed.

Switching Pokemon

The first part of the problem is with switching Pokemon. Part of the GO Battle League strategy is changing the Pokemon you are using at an optimal time in order to gain an advantage.

GO Battle League allows trainers to battle one another in Pokemon Go…

There are also occasions where you will have type disadvantage and need to replace it to avoid giving your opponent an easy victory. Being able to switch Pokemon quickly is vitally important as every split second can make a huge difference.

The current UI for changing Pokemon is a pull-up menu. This means you need to tap the pull up menu before being given your Pokemon options.

The problem here is that two taps of the screen are required to switch. In addition to this you can’t see your options until you tap it, adding more time to the process.

The current pull-up menu also doesn’t show the HP of Pokemon. You may have already used one and need to know what health it has left, but obviously, through this menu, you can’t find out.

This could, however, be an intentional and thought-out mechanic. Perhaps Niantic intended for trainers to keep track of what health they have left.

What they probably didn’t do on purpose, though, is having the switching Pokemon menu block out the attack buttons.

UI concept

There has been discussion within the Pokemon Go forums about GO Battle League including strategy, thoughts on the mode and even suggestions such as ideas for an improved UI.

One trainer, Tomohran, has even put together a UI concept that fixes the above issues. Instead of having an entirely different menu to switch Pokemon, they are now placed on the upper-left hand side of the screen where there was previously empty space.

UI Concept GO Battle League
This UI concept for GO Battle League solves two issues trainers are currently having while battling…

Not only can they now be accessed with one tap, saving a lot of time, but their current HP is also shown.

Niantic have already said they are working on “several fixes” for GO Battle League so we’ll have to wait and see whether a change to the UI is one of them. Maybe they’ll take this trainers advice.


How to get 8 free Raid Passes in Pokemon Go (October 2020)

Published: 30/Oct/2020 23:12 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 23:22

by Paul Cot


Niantic have announced that trainers will be able to get hold of 8 free Raid Passes in Pokemon Go.

Three of them are available to get right now. Much like the single free Raid Passes trainers have become accustomed to, they can be found in the Pokemon Go Shop.

Here’s how to get those 3 free Remote Raid Passes:

  1. Load up the Pokemon Go app
  2. Hit the menu (Pokeball at the bottom of the main screen)
  3. Click ‘Shop’
  4. Hit the ‘3 Remote Raid Passes’ box and click exchange to get them added to your inventory
Free Raid Pass Pokemon Go ShopThree free Raid Passes can be found in the Pokemon Go Shop until November 1…

Make sure you get them soon though, as the offer will expire on Sunday, November 1, 1pm PDT (4pm EDT, 9pm GMT).

The sporadically available free Remote Raid Passes can still be found. We’d recommend getting that one first, if available, because you can’t get it when you have three or more already.

Alolan Marowak Raid Day

If you’re an avid ‘Raid Battler’ and those three aren’t enough for you then don’t worry, there will be an additional five (yes that’s right, 5) available throughout the special Alolan Marowak Raid Day.

This takes place from Saturday, October 31 from 11am to 5pm in your local time. During this event you’ll be able to get five free Raid Passes (not the Remote variety) simply by spinning gyms.

It isn’t clear whether you’ll be able to get five at one time but presumably, you’ll have to use it before getting another. With so many Raids happening however, we doubt that’ll be an issue.

It is also worth noting that the Raid Passes don’t have to be used on Alolan Marowak, although you may find it harder than usual to find the particular Raid Boss you’re after.

Usually Raid Passes/Remote Raid Passes cost 100 PokeCoins each (250 if you get them in a bundle of three) so making the most of these free ones is well worth doing!