Trainers want the first Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC released now

by Paul Cot
Pokemon Company


The first Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion DLC is still a couple of months away, but that hasn't stopped fans wanting its immediate release.

The Isle of Armor DLC is scheduled to release in June, as it has been since it was first revealed. The second of the announced DLCs, The Crown Tundra, will come some time in the fall.

Due to current global health situation (you may have heard about it) people have a lot more time on their hands. For Pokemon trainers, that inevitably means spending more time playing Pokemon games.

Isle of Armor Early
Pokemon Company
Could Nintendo and co be convinced to release the Isle of Armor DLC early?


There's lots of games to play, and plenty to do in all of them. Playing through the story of the mainline games, completing your Pokedex, and even shiny hunting are just a few of the pastimes Pokemon fans can do.

With that said though, some trainers are ready for brand new content.

Isle of Armor release early?

With Pokemon Sword and Shield being the latest game out, having released in November 2019, players are understandably looking towards the Nintendo Switch title for something new.

We know what that something new is but there are still a couple months to wait. Trainers are imploring Nintendo and co to release the first DLC early — after all now seems a good time to do so.


Trainers ask for DLC now

Many have been vocal on the topic for weeks now but as of writing there has been no response from the Pokemon Company regarding the potential of an early release. "I assume they aren’t releasing it because it isn’t finished yet," michapman2 shared on Reddit.

They went on to question whether it would be playable if it released right now, "That being said, I would love it if it were really finished and available to play now."

Meanwhile on Twitter, Jayy Domonick sent a message to Game Freak — although he forgot to tag them — asking them to release it early because of the quarantine many are adhering to.


[email protected] tried their luck with the Pokemon Twitter account. Unfortunately they didn't respond but that isn't exactly a surprise.

In truth it seems very unlikely they would budge from their initial schedule of June. Even if they wanted to it, they might not be able to.

It's entirely possible the expansion pass is still in development and, therefore, releasing it early would only cause them to rush. That would get it out earlier, but could also harm the product with bugs.

Niantic have been actively making changes to Pokemon Go to make the game more playable in wake of people actively staying at home. So, who knows, maybe the teams behind Pokemon Sword and Shield will do the same. Don't hold your breath though.