TikToker sets out to build every Pokemon region in Minecraft Pixelmon

Zackerie Fairfax
minecraft pixelmon map

A TikToker has gone viral after starting his journey to build every Pokemon region in Minecraft to be played using the Pixelmon mod.

Minecraft is a game that allows for limitless creativity giving players over 700 block types to bring their wildest dreams to life. And thanks to the game’s active modding community, the possibilities in Minecraft really start to become endless.

A fan-favorite mod that has seen immense popularity over the years is Pixelmon. It allows players to enjoy the thrill of catching and battling Pokemon while still being able to craft items and build structures.

With the massive success of both franchises, combining the two is a gold mine for content creators. And one TikToker has high ambitions as he plans to recreate every region from the Pokemon world in Minecraft.

Every Pokemon region remade in Minecraft

TikTok creator thechunkyhippo announced the start of his massive project on July 16. The plan is to build every single Pokemon region in a single playable Minecraft world that can then be used with the Pixelmon mod.

Since then, hippo has posted one or two update videos a day showing the map’s progress. At the time of writing, he’s made it from Pallet Town to Mt. Moon. This includes towns, routes, buildings, and caves.

The Minecraft and Pokemon communities of TikTok were quick to find thechunkyhippo making his project go viral. Several users are already planning to start Minecraft Pixelmon servers using the map.

In terms of scale, hippo stated that he was “eyeballing” the map at the moment, but that every two steps in a Pokemon game are roughly five blocks in Minecraft. He also stated that there are ways to limit which Pokemon can spawn in different regions and that he’s deciding which method will work best for the map.

The map’s build process is streamed live on Twitch as well as on TikTok Live. And in the Mt Moon video, hippo states that there is a Discord for his community that provides more frequent updates.

Thechunkyhippo plans to stream on weekends (Friday – Sunday) when they can, and a new TikTok will be posted with every new addition to the map.