“Real life” PokeStop design leaves Pokemon Go fans thrilled

real life pokestopThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go player in Wisconsin stumbled across a real-life PokeStop; from the looks of it, the sign has been in the ground for quite a while.

In Pokemon Go, PokeStops serve as points of interest where players can collect various items like Poke Balls. The stops are typically found at landmarks and monuments, all marked on the map with a distinctive blue icon.

As with almost anything Pokemon-related, PokeStops have been turned into purchasable merchandise, including t-shirts, stickers, and keychains.

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They’ve entered the real world by other means, too, given that someone recently discovered an actual PokeStop during their travels.

Pokemon Go user encounters real-life PokeStop in Wisconsin

A Redditor who goes by the name Constant_Ad_2776 recently shared images of a real PokeStop. In a subsequent Reddit post, the user confirmed the PokeStop is stationed in the small town of River Falls, Wisconsin.

Other Pokemon Go players said they’ve seen the same marker when traveling in the midwestern state. The photo of the stop suggests it’s likely been there for a while, based on signs of rust and discoloration.

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Despite many Redditors asking, no one has confirmed whether the real-life River Falls PokeStop is capable of spinning.

Needless to say, Pokemon Go fans like the idea of a PokeStop being an actual landmark. “You should dress up as a Team Rocket grunt and go stand there menacingly,” one user joked in response to the above post.

Another person shared imparted a piece of advice about a “gloomy shady character” that could be hanging around the PokeStop area.

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As Pokemon Go players are well aware, there also exists a number of ways to officially interact with the AR game in the real world.

Pokemon Go Fest constitutes but one example, and the global event for 2023 is already pencilled in for this August. Several in-person gatherings are also on the docket for those who can participate in the following cities – London, England, Osaka, Japan, and New York City, USA.

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