Pokemon Scarlet cosplayer steals show as Professor Sada

Brianna Reeves
kittybitcosplay pokemon scarlet professor sada

Kittybitcosplay recently shared photos of her incredible transformation into Professor Sada for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet-inspired cosplay.

Introduced earlier this year as a brand-new character for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Professor Sada will guide players who venture the path of Pokemon Scarlet.

Meanwhile, trainers who choose Pokemon Violet will work alongside Sada’s counterpart – Professor Turo. Since the new role-playing title is still several months out from release, much about these two characters remains under lock and key.

Pokemon faithful have already grown attached to the Professors, though, meaning cosplay ideas and other fan projects are just beginning to pick up steam.

Professor Sada cosplay brings the character to life

professor sada and professor turo
Introducing Professors Sada and Turo.

Reddit user and cosplayer Royello-KBG, known as Kittbybitcosplay on Instagram, has modeled Pokemon Scarlet’s Professor Sada in impressive-looking cosplay.

The images shared on Instagram showcase Kittybitcosplay’s version of Sada both with and without her pristine white coat.


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Kittybitcosplay noted in the original Reddit thread that the material for the top, bottom, and leggings of her Sada costume was handsewn with “suede using beeswax threading.”

Suffice it to say, the cosplayer’s efforts paid off in spades, evidenced by the praise she’s received from the Pokemon fan community, thus far.

Professor Sada cosplay, fan art, and the like will probably continue to take the internet by storm in the months leading up to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release.

The new role-playing game from Game Freak hits Nintendo Switch on November 18, inviting players to join an adventure set against the backdrop of a seemingly Spain-inspired setting.