Pokemon YouTuber WolfeyVGC is actually opening real-life Pokemon Gym

Wolfey Pokemon VGC GymWolfey

Pokemon World Champion and content creator Wolfey has announced that he will open the first real-life Pokemon Gym in New York. Players will have the chance to take on multiple Championship competitors in VGC battles.

Pokemon VGC competitors are some of the best players in the world, battling in skill and strategy contests. However, these hardcore trainers also like to have a bit of fun when not battling to be the best. 2016 VGC Wold Champion Wolfey has put this on display with an active Twitter account, YouTube channel, and Twitch stream.

Wolfey has put out tons of content talking about the best Pokemon, abilities, pair-ups, and mechanics of current-Gen games, as well as compiling a guide in 2022 to help other players get involved in the competitive Pokemon VGC scene.

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Now, the Pokemon VGC champ has announced a particularly special new project – the very first in-person Gym. Below are all the details about the real-life battle experience.

Pokemon 2016 VGC champ Wolfey becomes a Gym Leader

In a YouTube video uploaded by Wolfey, the champ and content creator officially announced the debut of the real-life Pokemon Gym. In the video, it was revealed challengers will be able to face numerous other championship competitors, as well as Wolfey himself.

The video revealed Aaron Taylor (Worlds Top Cut x2, Regional Champion x2), Aaron Zheng (Worlds Semi-Finalist, National Champion x2), and James Baek (Worlds Semi-finalist x2, International Champion) would all be taking part in the battles at the Gym. Wolfey himself states that he will be the “Gym Leader.”

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Wolfey has taken steps to make the real-life Pokemon Gym as realistic as possible. Challengers will find all the Gym spokespersons offering an explanation of the Gym at the front door. Those who manage to defeat Wolfey will get a real acrylic badge to take home.

Challengers in the video point out how special it is to share a battle with some of the best Pokemon VGC players in the world. While it is limited to New York, there is hope the idea will catch on, and more of these special locations will become available across different regions around the world.

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