Pokemon Worlds interrupted as a bird poos on TCG tables

Terry Oh
Pokemon worlds poo

During the Pokemon Worlds tournament, one match was interrupted by a near devastating air strike from a bird flying around the London arena, sparking concerns for all the contestants’ Pokemon card safety. Thankfully no cards were tarnished in the adventure.

It’s never fun to get pooped on by a bird — but what’s even worse than getting pooed on is having your mint condition, ultra-rare Pokemon Cards destroyed by a local bird’s air strike.

This would definitely downgrade the card’s value, and make for some very sad days. Imagine trying to shuffle your deck too with the sticky substance.

During the 2022 Pokemon World Championships though, that was a very close possibility.

A Swiss stage TCG match was interrupted by a near-hit bird attack. The players were shocked, with an attendee posting on Twitter: “Big update from table 122. A bird poo’d on the table in the middle of the game.”

The victims to the local bird poo attack were lucky enough to have their Pokemon cards avoid the attack. But hopefully this isolated incident stands as a warning to other card players to always use card sleeve protectors.

As for the exact result of the match it’s unknown. However, both players can probably could it a win for the near miss. After all, you’d hate have a precious limited edition, out of print Pokemon card to become absolutely ruined by a bird’s, hopefully not targeted, poo assault.