Pokemon anthology fan concept has players begging for Switch ports

Laura Gray

Fans desperately want older main series games to become available on the Nintendo Switch via Pokemon ports, and a fan anthology concept has players begging for a real-life version.

The Pokemon game series has launched across several platforms since its release in the late 1990s. From the original Game Boy to the Nintendo Switch, players have been able to watch the games evolve as technology has changed and improved over the decades. However, this transformation has also created availability issues when it comes to older titles in the series.

Many games have received revamps instead of Pokemon ports, Including early titles like FireRed and LeafGreen for the Game Boy Advanced and the more recent Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for the Nintendo Switch.

Despite their age, many fans still enjoy the games and are desperate for Nintendo and Game Freak to consider Pokemon ports of the iconic older titles.

Which games have been updated via ports?

Currently, only a handful of older main-line Pokemon ports exist. This includes Pokemon Yellow, Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Crystal for the 3DS.

Frustratingly, these ports have not been updated to function on the Nintendo Switch, and also leave out more recent games like Diamond, Pearl, Black, White, and other mid-series games.

In a recent Twitter post, JohnstoneYT shared a concept idea for a Pokemon Anthology edition. The fan cover showcases Diamond, HeartGold, Black, and Black 2 in a port collection for the Nintendo Switch. The post reads, “Does Pokemon not realize how much money they’d make from this or what”.

Viridian adds “A dual master collection (red/blue): Red= Red, Gold, Ruby, Pearl, Black, Y, Sun Blue= Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Diamond, White, Moon. And if you beat one game let’s say pkmn red version you can unlock the next game, and it has an internal Pkmn bank that allow you to transfer…”, commenting on the potential the ports would have on a system like the Switch.

Meanwhile, Jad, adds, “This would honestly be best because I’m afraid of how the Black and White remakes will turn out after BDSP,” pointing out some of the frustrations fans have had with the recent remakes for the series.

While holding off on Pokemon ports in favor of remakes is likely more financially beneficial for developers, acting as a new installation in the series with updated graphics, many Pokemon fans love and cherish the older gameplay and pixelated worlds.

While it isn’t likely fans will get the nostalgia boost they are looking for when it comes to Pokemon ports, the concept is one Game Freak and Nintendo could seriously consider. The chance to relive iconic adventures on a modern system would make favorite past installments would be exceptionally popular, and keep each region in the series relevant without the need for remakes.