New Pokemon Unite map Theia Sky Ruins details: release date, buffs, legendary pokemon

Terry Oh
Pokemon Unite Theia Sky Ruins

Brand new Pokemon Unite map, Theia Sky Ruins, is slated to release on September 2. From massive changes in aesthetics alongside gameplay affecting elements, there’s a lot to keep track of. Here is everything known for the upcoming Pokemon Unite new map: Theia Sky Ruins.

The new Pokemon Unite map, Theia Sky Ruins, has massive implications for the future of the game. Pokemon Unite officially stated it’ll take over as the new Ranked and Standard Map — which effectively marks the biggest evolution of the game thus far.

This makes understanding the new map elements essential to performing better and climbing in your games. From changes to the map’s layout, new Legendary Pokemon, and brand new buffs, here is everything currently known about Pokemon Unite Theia Sky Ruins.


Pokemon Unite Theia Sky Ruins: Release date

The exact release date for the Pokemon Unite new map was stated to be on September 2, the same date Mew releases. Mew is slated to drop for free with an event.

Expect Pokemon Unite to change drastically when Theia Sky Ruins releases. They’ve done cosmetic updates in the past, but this is the first time they’re drastically evolving the gameplay-related elements for the ranked maps in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite New Map: Buff Changes

The buffs provided from the jungle Pokemon have been revamped on Theia Sky Ruins, with their locations slightly changing as well. Before both Ludicolo and Bouffalant spawned close to the entrance of the jungle, thereby closer to the allied base. This made them hard to access for the enemies, while easy to secure for the allies.

But on the Pokemon Unite new map, red and blue buffs spawn closer to the center of the map. Though this may seem like a small change, it has bigger implications for the jungle pathing and interactions as a whole.

Buffs are incredibly important for junglers in Pokemon Unite to scale — serving as important key objectives which help them snowball the game. By having these placed closer to the center, they’re more susceptible to invades — increasing interactions in the jungle in a previously independent role.

Pokemon Unite Theia Sky Ruins
The left is the old map, with blue and red arrows indicating their appropriate buffs. Right is the Theia Sky Ruins.

In addition, the Pokemon themselves have been switched out alongside the buff effects. For those familiar with League of Legends, the buffs essentially mirror red and blue buffs from League.

Red Buff

The new red buff now makes Pokemon’s attacks deal extra damage and decreases enemies’ movement speed. Previously it used to only slow enemies’ movement speed without the extra damage. This adds more precedent to the buff — which will surely be an important objective for carries to secure.

Bouffalant is also replaced by Escavalier.

Blue buff

The new blue buff reduces the cooldowns of the buffed Pokemon’s moves. Lower cooldowns means more aggressive fighting.

Before, defeating it granted a buff that increases the damage dealt to wild Pokemon the lower their health was, which was nice, but not very useful for those struggling during team fights. Therefore, the new blue buff provides a more direct impact in regards to gameplay, and less emphasis on coin-flipping legendary wild pokemon.

Similarly to Red Buff, Ludicolo was replaced by Accelgor.

Pokemon Unite new map
Escavalier and Accelgor are the new buff-providing jungle Pokemon.

Theia Sky Ruins: Legendary Pokemon

Legendary wild Pokemon serve as the biggest objectives in the game, but gone will be the days of Zapdos flipping and Dreadnaw abusing. These were two game-breaking legendaries, which snowballed teams out of control.

These two legendary Pokemon are being replaced both in name and in mechanics in Theia Sky Ruins.

Dreadnaw replacement

Instead of having Dreadnaw spawn multiple times in the game, the Regis have taken its place. Registeel, Regice, and Regirock take turns showing up on the new Pokemon Unite map. It’s a little uncertain which of the three Regis initially spawn Theai Sky Ruins, but it’s likely random to provide varying gameplay.

Each Regi has a different effect — alongside providing an EXP boost for the team that slays the legendary.

  • Registeel: Increase your team’s attack and sp. attack for a short time
  • Regice: Increase the HP recovery speed of your team for a short time
  • Regirock: Increase your team’s defense and sp. defense for a short time

Note the buffs are provided only for a short time. This is very different from the previous Dreadnaw, which only provided permanent EXP. The newer iterations seem to provide less EXP though, compared to Dreadnaw. Temporary buffs mean there’s more potential for comebacks by waiting the buff out.

Pokemon Unite new map
Each Regi provides a unique temporary buff.

Rotom replacement

Though Rotom is being replaced by Regieleki, the effects are still the exact same. In essence, it’s a purely aesthetic only change. Upon successful takedown, Regielki charges towards the enemy goal, opening it upon contact.

Rotom was never as game-breaking as Dreadnaw or Zapdos in Pokemon Unite. Players can protect against it quite easily, and it’s a temporary advantage rather than a game-determining objective. It’s perfectly fine that the rewards upon taking down Regieleki are remaining consistent with its predecessor.

Regieleki replaces Rotom, but provides the same exact goal-breaking reward.

Rayquaza replaces Zapdos

Zapdos has been a controversial point for many Pokemon Unite players for quite some time, essentially guaranteeing victory upon takedown. Opening up all the enemy’s goals makes for little to no real counterplay. And since taking down Zapdos is often reliant on luck, it was a mechanic which plagued the game since the game’s initial debut.

Rayquaza repalces Zapdos, and provides different effects. Instead of completely opening up the goals, Rayquaza grants your team a shield that increases the goal-scoring speed, alongside a score shield barrier.

Pokemon Unite Rayquaza
Rayquaza doesn’t completely open up bases, but instead speeds up score speed.

The barrier remains up until it’s chipped away. In essence, it doesn’t dissipate after the first goal the pokemon makes, making the buff very powerful.

But the team that secures Rayquaza won’t just be instant dunking away, like they used to when taking down Zapdos. They still have to charge up, requiring more strategic thinking and allowing for more counter play opportunities from the enemy.

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