Pokemon TCG Live beta finally hits US with global launch

pokemon tcg live logoThe Pokemon Company

The long-awaited Pokemon TCG Live beta is finally available in the US as the company has officially launched the app globally.

More than nine months after its initial announcement, the beta for Pokemon TCG Live is officially available worldwide.

As the first mention of the new Pokemon TCG online game came with the packaging for the Sword & Shield Fusion Strike expansion, many have patiently waited for the game to hit this point.

It was teased at the end of October 2022 that Pokemon TCG Live would be released soon, and as of November 15, 2022, it’s here.

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the pokemon company TCG LiveThe Pokemon Company
The Global Beta of Pokemon TCG Live is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Pokemon TCG Live beta finally hits global launch

On November 16, Pokemon announced the global launch on its official TCG Twitter account.

“The #PokemonTCG Live global beta is under way and open to all Trainers across the world to try out!” the tweet read. “Prepare to collect, strategize, and battle other Trainers from all over the globe with #PokemonTCGLive, in app stores this week!”

However, many fans began noticing throughout November 15 that the download buttons have taken place of the former “Coming Soon” message on the official website — and that’s when news broke that it’s finally available.

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Shortly after the news began flooding social media, Pokemon judges and fans began asking about current competitive events like the ongoing Pokemon Team Challenge.

Popular Judge Will Post shared that you should NOT migrate your Pokemon TCG Online account over to the new app.

However, you can log in and play both games at the same time and TPCi has made it clear that when you finally decide to migrate your account over to Pokemon TCG Live, you will not lose anything you’ve earned before doing so.

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For more information on migrating your account, system requirements, and more — head over here.

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