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Pokemon Sword & Shield player discovers special curry cooking animation

Published: 25/Feb/2020 1:04

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player discovered a special cooking animation in Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch. The epic scene triggers if you make your curry just right.

Pokemon entered its eighth generation with the launch of Sword & Shield in November 2019. Even months after its release, players are still making interesting discoveries.

One lucky trainer stumbled upon a special cooking cutscene that players are rewarded with for making food a particular way. The fan recorded the epic animation for all to see.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Sword & Shield introduced players to curry cooking mechanics.

Pokemon player discovers special cooking animation

Sword & Shield introduced players to a new cooking mechanic where they can create curry at their camp. The delicious meal restored health, gave monsters XP, and increased their playfulness.


However Reddit user ‘eagerson’ discovered the cooking mini-game also has a special animation when triggered, and shared a video of it on the r/pokemon subreddit.

In the clip, we see him and three other players throwing their hearts into the cooking pot at the same exact time. Instead of the usual “DONE!” text that pops up, a cutscene plays showing the hearts fly in the air, before a massive golden beam of energy shoots out of the curry.

The user stated that he believed the event only happens when multiple players throw their hearts into the inner circle at the exact same time. Eagerson explained that he managed to get it with trainers he didn’t know. “I actually did this with three random strangers!” he said.


Reddit: eagerson
The Pokemon trainer managed to pull this off with random players.

While most users had never seen the animation before, a couple posters replied that they had experienced it randomly. According to these players, you can achieve this with NPCs as well.

How to achieve the golden ray of light animation is debatable, as YouTuber ‘Austin John Plays’ triggered it by going to an NPC camp at Route 6 – and one of the bots didn’t even throw their heart in.

(Timestamp 14:30 for mobile users.)

While the special cooking animation is not technically a new discovery, it seems to be one of the lesser known secrets in the game.

Whether you’ve experienced it before or not, it still shows how jam-packed Sword & Shield is with little tips & tricks for players to stumble upon.