Viral TikTok brings Pokemon to life in the most adorable way possible

Brent Koepp
Imgur: Codygordon42 / TikTok / The Pokemon Company

A viral TikTok showed Pokemon players what it would be like if the creatures actually existed. The adorable videos left fans wishing they were real.

While TikTok is usually known for its short lip-sync and dance clips, a creative 3D animator has given the platform a twist by using Nintendo’s beloved Pokemon franchise.

The adorable videos of monsters mixed into real life quickly went viral on social media. Fans went wild over getting a glimpse of what the world would look like if the RPG was real.

Fans have always dreamed about what Pokemon would be like in the real world.

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Viral TikTok brings Pokemon to life

Ever since Pokemon made its debut on the Game Boy in 1996, children from around the world have grown up wishing that their favorite monsters existed in the real world.

A video making that a reality was posted on Twitter by user ‘BulbaGanda’ who exclaimed, “This is why we want Pokemon to be real!” The clip shows a man walking down the street with his pet Bulbasaur by his side.

The adorable scene originated from a TikTok created by 3D animator Dave Ashby that went viral with over 89k views on the platform at the time of writing.

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The talented artist uses the TikTok format to mix Pokemon into the real world, such as another clip that depicts a person using a blow dryer to make a Togepi egg hatch.

The UK-based artist has had several videos go viral, such as a clip he posted in 2019 which shows a trainer talking to his Vaporeon in his kitchen. The video has an astonishing 504k views.

Fans of the series loved the videos, such as user ‘top_bearded_bad_bishhh’ who exclaimed, “You know how many times I have wished for this.” Another user ‘synergyonhigh’ stated, “So precious…my heart and childhood.”

Pokemon fans gushed over the TikTok videos, and wished they were real.

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While the videos are not real, fans can still dream, right? And who knows, with the advancement of VR and augmented reality, maybe these Tik-Tok clips aren’t so far off from what could happen in the future.

With over 890 Pokemon across eight generations of titles, the beloved RPG has never been more popular. The latest release Sword & Shield released in November 2019, and became the quickest selling Switch title of all time.