Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers clash over odd Meowscarada ‘kiss’ emote

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's Meowscarada standing in front of Castle City.The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers have uncovered a strange ‘kiss’ interaction between their character and Meowscarada and the internet is torn over it.

In the new generation of Pokemon games, interacting with whichever little buddy you choose to tag along for the ride should be a familiar feature for most players.

Whether that’s in Pokemon Go or Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, it’s not exactly a new concept. However, in S&V, players have found the interaction between their trainer and Meowscarada feels a little different than what they’re used to.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers torn over ‘spicy’ Meowscarada interaction

As seen in the clip embedded below, when viewed from a certain angle, it appears that the player character and their Grass-type starter get a little too familiar with each other.

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Naturally, this sparked some concern around the fan base, and now players clashing over what’s actually happening in the clip.

While there are some that believe this is a legitimate kiss or nose-nuzzle (one player joked that the development team really put “the freak” in GameFreak) it seems that many are in agreement that this is just an unintentional error caused by the trainer model being based on a child’s height.

“We’re just running around as short kings & queens, I don’t think it’s intentionally meant to be spicy,” one commenter clarified.

Regardless, that didn’t stop anyone from getting their jokes in and having a field day with this bizarre new interaction.

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One enthusiastic fan made it clear that they were on board for this feature, even going so far as to claim they could overlook the well-documented performance issues because of it. “I take back everything. Game of the Year,” they chimed in.

GameFreak has yet to comment on it but it may be worth keeping an eye out to see if any clarification or changes arrive in the coming days.

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