Pokemon Scarlet & Violet researcher discovers Shiny Titan you can’t catch or see


Another uncatchable Shiny Pokemon was discovered during one of Scarlet & Violet’s Titan battles, but players can’t even see the Shiny on screen this time.

Shortly after Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were released, players started encountering Shiny uncatchable Pokemon during Titan Battles. Despite the game’s code indicating Arven’s Pokemon were Shiny locked, the convoluted way Pokemon are displayed during these battles made it possible for his Pokemon to appear Shiny.

Through research, it was discovered multiple Pokemon spawn during these encounters. This is true for both Arven’s Pokemon and the Titan. One is the actual Pokemon Arven uses, and the second is generated and used as a display Pokemon on the field. This one can be shiny but won’t be shiny later in the game.

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However, it was believed that the actual Titan Pokemon could not be shiny, despite having multiple spawns during the battles. Yet a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet researcher recently proved that Titan Pokemon can be shiny, but players will never see it.

Shiny Titans are uncatchable and unseeable in Scarlet & Violet

This discovery was made by Pokemon Researcher Anubis. They stated that at the end of the first phase of the Great Tusk Titan battle, there is a 1/4096 chance for the game to generate a Shiny Titan. The catch is that you won’t see it.

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Although it won’t sparkle or look different than a normal Great Tusk, it will register in the player’s Pokedex. It will also count toward the total number of Shinies the player has encountered, which explains why some players may have a higher number of battled Shinies than they have caught/encountered.

Anubis revealed that you can Shiny hunt these encounters. Players only need to save in front of the second encounter (the one where Arven joins you) and check your Dex entry after the battle. However, there is a long cutscene afterward that players have to sit through.

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Sadly, they also revealed that the smaller Titan players could catch after the battle is an entirely different Pokemon meaning it won’t be Shiny. And since it is a static encounter, it cannot be Shiny hunted.