Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player misses potential Shiny and demands more storage

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player is demanding expanded Pokemon storage after a potential Shiny was sent to the Academy without warning.

There are over 1,000 Pokemon in existence, with only a little over 400 making into Scarlet & Violet. However, the build potential is limitless if you consider the different movesets, Tera-typings, abilities, and natures.

Yet, Scarlet & Violet only allow players to store 32 boxes of Pokemon, or 966 slots, to be exact. That’s less than the total number of Pokemon in the National Dex. And players who Tera Raid frequently or Masuda hunt for Shinies are already running into this storage barrier.

And due to the way Pokemon Scarlet & Violet handles this limit, players are at risk of missing out on Shiny Pokemon.

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Scarlet & Violet storage risks missing Shiny Pokemon

As Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are relatively new games, many players may not hit the 966 storage threshold anytime soon. However, Reddit user Jflokoo has, and they are already facing the dangers of having max storage capacity.

While collecting an egg from the picnic basket during a Masuda Method hunt, a message popped up on their screen: “Your Boxes are already full, so the Egg was donated to the academy.”

The odds of finding a Shiny with the Masuda Method are 1/683 (1/512 w/Shiny Charm), so it’s unlikely that a single egg sent to the academy would contain a Shiny. But it’s not off the table, and some players could click through the messages and not pay attention to this warning.

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“We ned more than 32 boxes!” Jflokoo wrote, “I like to raid a lot. Releasing lv 3 and 4 raid Pokémon to make room for lv 5+. I have two boxes of fully EV trained Pokémon Lv100. The rest are lv75 with 5+ivs. I figured EV training raid Pokémon is better because the game makes it extremely easy to change nature and ability. Plus some already come with decent movesets.”

OP stated they had 240+ hours in Pokemon Violet, and it’s not uncommon for die-hard fans of the franchise to surpass 1,000 hours before the next game is released.

Another issue is Scarlet & Violet’s lack of a mass-release function. It can take hundreds of eggs to get a Masuda Shiny, but trainers must hatch and release every Pokemon individually. This makes cleaning out boxes take a fair amount of time, and many trainers may avoid this chore entirely.

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With rumored DLC coming in the future that will likely introduce hundreds of Pokemon to Paldea, the cap of 966 Pokemon may cause even more of a hindrance, yet.