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Pokemon player embarks on epic quest to find long-lost Pidove

Published: 9/May/2020 21:41

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player desperate to find their long-lost companion went viral after they sought the help of the community. The Trainer’s journey to reunite with their Pidove from 2013 will warm your heart.

Ever since its debut in the 90s, Pokemon has a been big part of many kids’ childhoods. Understandably, players of the long-running franchise can sometimes become extremely attached to their monsters.

This is what happened to an X & Y Trainer who lost their beloved Pidove in an accidental trade. The dedicated fan has launched a campaign to bring their companion home safely.

Game Freak / Nintendo
A Trainer is looking for his long-lost Pidove.

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Player searching for long-lost Pokemon

Redditor ‘SlinkierOak’ made a post on May 4, and explained the dire situation to the community. According to the player, they had lost their Pidove named Pookoo in a Wonder Trade when they were 13 years old.


“I know this is a longshot, but if you’ve seen or know of a pidove named Pookoo, please contact me! That pidove and I went through a lot together. I played pokemon amii with Pookoo. I sang to Pookoo. I ate every meal with Pookoo. This is not a joke, I truly loved this digital bird,” they explained.

According to the Trainer, they actually looked for the bird on Nintendo’s now defunct Miiverse in 2013. Unfortunately, it failed to yield results, so they have now brought the “#FindPookoo campaign” to the internet.

Reddit: SlinkierOak
The Redditor sought the help of the Pokemon community to find the lost Pidove.

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SlinkierOak provided players with a list of attributes that might help someone find the bird in their party. The Pokemon is, of course, a Pidove named Pookoo. The original Trainer should be listed as “Mike” or “Michael” and it was traded in 2013.


Reddit: SlinkierOak
The Trainer gave a list of the missing Pidove’s attributes.

While to most it might seem extremely impossible to find a Pokemon lost in a trade, another player gave the topic creator hope after they posted an incredible story about doing just that. Reddit user ‘MarblePilliar’ was able to find their Gastly years later.

“I sent a gastly on the wonder trade, and like 2 years ago I received a gastly lvl1. I was checking its moveset, and turns out it was my gastly I sent years ago. I kept it afterwards, so it’s possible but the chances are really low,” they said.

Reddit: MarblePilliar
Another was able to find their traded Pokemon years later.

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Most of the users were sympathetic to the Trainer’s campaign, recalling horror stories of losing save files, and monsters that meant a lot to them. At the time of writing, SlinkierOak has not found his companion.


Have you seen Pookoo? If you think you have the player’s Pidove, they can be reached here. While it’s certainly seems like an impossible task, maybe the Pokemon community can pull off a miracle.