Pokemon Legends Arceus may introduce major change to Sinnoh Mythical

Sinnoh Mythical Pokemon Arceus from Pokemon Legends Arceus trailerGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

A new Pokemon Legends Arceus leak claims that Game Freak will make a major change to Sinnoh Mythical, Arceus. Could a new Pokemon type be introduced?

The wait is almost over as Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to hit stores on January 28, 2022. Despite the RPG being close to release, many fans are still in the dark as to what to expect in the Diamond & Pearl origin story.

A prominent insider claims to have leaked new information early and alleges that Game Freak could be making changes to the game’s title character. According to the rumor, Arceus will be getting a change to its type mechanic.

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Sinnoh Mythical Arceus in Pokemon Legends Arceus trailerGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Sinnoh Mythical could get a new form in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Will Pokemon Legends Arceus get new Arceus form?

With the game only a few weeks from release, popular leaker ‘Riddler_Khu‘ revealed new information about the title. In a January 8 tweet, the prolific insider teased that it will supposedly include 18 Arceus Plates.

Pokemon content creator ‘SoulSilverArt‘ reported on the leak after being the first one to guess the riddle and pointed out that 18 would mean a new plate is being added. “Riddler_Khu said there will be 18 Arceus plates – there’s currently 17 in existence for every type except for normal. A new plate could mean a number of things – but it could further hint that it may give Arceus some kind of new form,” the account tweeted.

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The new leak raised eyebrows as the last plate added was Fairy-type to bring the Mythical items to 17. The revelation led many fans to speculate that the new plate could also potentially be a new Pokemon type altogether.

It could also simply be that Game Freak is finally introducing a Normal-type plate. However, many players felt this would be redundant as Arceus’ natural form is already Normal-type. In the series, removing a plate is what makes the Mythical default back to its normal form.

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Of course, it should be stated to take any rumor with a major grain of salt. Even though Riddler has been consistently accurate for years, only time will tell if it ends up becoming true. Still the idea of an 18th plate certainly is intriguing. The almighty God Pokemon could be getting a new form for the first time since Kalos and that’s incredibly exciting.