Pokemon Legends Arceus leaks: Trainer claims they’ve snagged early copy

It may be time for trainers to mute Pokemon-specific terms on Twitter as a player claims they’ve got their hands on a copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus. With just a few days to go before the game’s release, Pokemon Legends Arceus leaks are here.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for Pokemon games to be leaked online before their release. It’s not uncommon for retailers to break the street date and sell games early.

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There are those who attempt to secure an advanced copy for content. However, there are also those who want to leak the game as early as possible. The Pokemon community is torn by these leaks. Some players want the experience to be a complete surprise, while others wait patiently for leaks.

It has become inevitable to prevent Pokemon games from leaking. So much so that the community has named the weeks before a new game’s release “Leak Season”.

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And it seems as if Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Leak Season has begun.

Trainer claims to own Pokemon Legends Arceus early

pokemon legends arceus early copyTrainer claims they’ve secured and early copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus

Leak Season might be here as an anonymous poster shared images online of what seems to be a legitimate copy of Pokemon Legends Arceus. The images were reported by Pokemon leak account PoryLeeks.

Shortly after the initial images, the leaker posted photos of the back of the case as well as photos of the game’s opening sequence. PoryLeeks shared all of these images via Twitter.

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According to CentroLeaks, the images originated from a user on Facebook who had their personal information in their profile. Both Centro and PoryLeeks showed concern for how long the user would be able to post leaked content.

However, PoryLeeks posted another tweet stating, “Everything I am about to post was sourced from us.” This was followed by a series of images posted by PoryLeaks confirming the early copy is legitimate.

Again, it might be worth staying off Twitter until the game’s release if you’re wanting to be surprised. Or you can mute Pokemon-specific words so that the platform hides any leaked content.

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