Pokemon Legends Arceus fixes the 3D games’ biggest failure

pokemon legends arceus fixes 3D models

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a few days away from release, and players still aren’t sure what to expect from the groundbreaking installment. However, a new clip of gameplay footage showcases a massive improvement on Pokemon’s flawed 3D models.

The Pokemon community is a fairly hard faction of the gaming community to please. Regardless of the quality of a game when it releases, die-hard Pokemon fans will tear it apart.

One of the most frequent complaints of almost every new Pokemon game since X & Y in 2013 is that the Pokemon models and moves are “lifeless.” The exception is 2021’s New Pokemon Snap, which received praise for its models and their animations.

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Pokemon fans often prefer the static 2D models that capture Pokemon in interesting poses. Pokemon like Typhlosion, Hippowdon, and Elektross are some of the worst offenders of 2D sprites with lackluster 3D adaptations.

Pokemon Legends Arceus fixes 3D models

cyndaquil 3d model comparison

Players might have one less aspect of Pokemon Legends Arceus to complain about after a new gameplay clip emerged today. The footage from Blue Shell showed a Cyndaquil in a battle against a Shinx. However, the Cyndaquil looked a lot more firey than in previous 3D Pokemon games.

Cyndaquil’s flames have returned after having been missing since 2013. While it may seem like a minor enhancement, this could mean other Pokemon will see improvement in the quality of their models.

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We’ve already seen other Pokemon have similar special effects. Hisuian Zoroark has mystifying red wisps that float around its body, and the attacks Pokemon perform are leagues beyond the slight movements players have seen in recent titles.

This is only one instance where an existing Pokemon has been shown to have a visual upgrade in Legends Arceus. However, players can assume that Cyndaquil is not the only Pokemon that GameFreak has given a facelift.

That being said, the trailers Pokemon has released have only showcased a handful of Pokemon… and with the rumored 200+ species players can find in-game, there are likely more delightful surprises to come.

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