Pokemon Legends Arceus leaker shares surprising news about game’s length

Pokemon Legends Arceus protagonist next to Legendary Pokemon ArceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

A prominent leaker claims Pokemon Legends Arceus is the longest game in the Game Freak series. Will some Trainers struggle to complete it?

Despite Pokemon Legends Arceus releasing in January 2022, there is still a lot to learn about the RPG. Outside a handful of trailers, we don’t actually know much about what its story campaign entails.

A leaker alleges to have revealed major details about single-player title. The insider says it will not only feature hardcore resource management gameplay, but it will be the lengthiest Pokemon game ever.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer screenshotGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
A new leak claims to give major details about Pokemon Legends Arceus’ gameplay length.

Pokemon Legends Arceus length leaked?

Although Pokemon Legends Arceus will not have a Pokemon League or Gym Leaders, popular leaker Riddler Khu claims that players should expect a “hardcore” game design with survival-like elements.

“Hardcore gameplay embodies reasonable resource allocation in PLA,” they said. “You should pay attention to berries, ores, and other Pokémon drops. You need to buy item slots when the game progresses, craft balls and throw them effectively. Avoid senseless recollecting and make it a-smooth-ap.”

In a follow-up tweet, the insider also dished details on the game’s length. “This game has the longest gameplay time span in the mainline genre,” they continued. “Your final goal is catching Arceus (wonder how many players will finish it) besides completing the Hisuian Pokédex, if you don’t wanna shiny hunt in this single player adventure game.”

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Pokemon Legends Arceus gameplay length tweets by Riddler Khu

When fans asked the Pokemon insider how difficult the game would be, the account replied, “Depends. Action-wise needs some practice, boss battles have tricks, other parts are grindy. Single-player game will always be easy if you keep grinding.”

Pokemon Legends Arceus Riddler Khu tweets on difficulty

This isn’t the first time Riddler Khu has revealed information about the game. In November, the leaker claimed that PLA is “grindy” and is some ways similar to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee in that the bulk of the gameplay is catching the same Pokemon over and over again.

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Interestingly, in this latest update from the leaker, they claim that the main goal in the game is to eventually catch Arceus, but implies that it will take such a long time to do so that many players might not even finish the game.

Only time will tell if the latest leaks are true. For now, it’s best to treat this as pure speculation.