Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Ingo lost “sexiest man” ballot to unexpected character

pokemon legends arceus ingoNintendo

In a “Sexy Man Tournament” on Tumblr, Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Ingo lost his spot in the bracket to a surprising animated character.

“Sexiest Man” discussions rarely disappear from internet discourse. For example, People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” selection annually riles up social media in one way or another.

Fans of animated and gaming characters often like to toss out their favorites in this respect, as well. Just last year, a study that employed the Golden Ratio named Call of Duty’s Captain Price the “hottest male video game character.” Most people disagreed.

Now a Tumblr tournament has divided fans of Pokemon Legends Arceus and an acclaimed stop-motion animated film.

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Unlikely character beats Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Ingo

Sexymanotd on Tumblr is running a tournament to determine the “sexiest man” amongst a long list of fictional characters. Participants vote on a daily basis through a poll process featuring “randomized matchups.”

The second round of the tournament had Ingo from Legends Arceus matched against Jack Skellington of The Nightmare Before Christmas fame.

While comments beneath the Tumblr poll suggested Ingo constituted the fan favorite, Jack actually won with 52 percent of the 53,000+ votes. A screenshot of the final results appears below:

pokemon legends arceus ingoTumblr: sexymanotd

A quick look through some of the poll’s newest responses indicates fans aren’t too happy about Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Ingo losing the second round.

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Countless replies read as variations of, “Ingo, no!” Meanwhile, several other responses joke that the Pokemon Trainer lost to Jack Skellington of all characters. “AND HE LOST TO A SKELETON NAWWWRR,” one person wrote with a crying emoji.

In addition, others argue the photo featured in the poll did Igno “dirty.” According to one fan, “Legends Arceus Ingo is 10000000 times more attractive than that photo.”